Recover Lost or Deleted Hard Drive Partitions – Both NTFS and FAT32

A hard disk consists of a single undivided memory space. However, you can logically divide the hard disk memory into isolated sections. Here each partition section acts as a separate disk drive. It helps in better management of data present on the hard disk. You can separate the system files with other user data by partitioning the hard disk into various sections. Each partition can be used to store data of a single type. For example, you can keep videos, audios, pictures, documents, etc. in separate partitions. In addition, you can use the partition to run multiple operating systems. For example, you can keep one partition for Windows XP and another for Windows 7.

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Which is the Best Choice between MOV and MP4 File Format

Today, there are different kinds of video file format supported across various platforms. The choice of a video file format totally depends upon the user requirement and the type of file he/she is working with. MOV and MP4 are the two most commonly used video file format. They both use the lossy video compression approach to hold the videos. This method makes the video much lighter in size as it eliminates the portion of the video that are less significant. In addition, it maintains a minimum quality loss after the video has been compressed.


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How to Copy and Move Data From Unbootable PC

Almost all computer ships with a single un-partitioned volume. The volume can be used to store system files as well as user data. The system files are nothing but the operating system files including the bootable files that are responsible to boot the system. However, at times such bootable files fail to start up the system. In addition, there could be some problem with other system files that make the PC unbootable. As a result, a user is not able to start the system and access the data. In order to get back the access, he/she needs to make the PC bootable.

Unbootable PC

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How I Recovered My Lost Photos, Taken during Germany vs Brazil Match FIFA World Cup 2014

Are you a diehard fan of FIFA World Cup? If you are, then you must be watching every single match of the FIFA World Cup 2014 tournament. Okay! Few questions arises in our mind about the ongoing World Cup 2014 and only few of us can answer those. Few of them are like, do you know that Brazil is the country hosting FIFA World Cup 2014? How many of you know that it is the 20th FIFA World Cup (12th June – 13th July) taking place at several places across Brazil? There are 32 Teams in 8 Groups are there in the tournament.


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SSDs are Not Far-off from Data Loss, Need Extensive Care to Perform Flawlessly

Solid-state drives (abb. as SSD) are replacements for the hard disk drives (abb. as HDD) for those who wish their PCs performing exceptionally well. Technically, SSDs do not contain moving parts and thus, they are less susceptible to failure due to malfunctioning of any of them. Instead, they are constructed with a number of flash memory chips integrated inside a metallic body. Having a fairly less number of internal components, SSDs are lightweight, compact, and integrated data storage devices with notably faster data read and write speed. Consequently, SSDs enhance the performance of your computer by a significant factor.


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Stellar Partition Manager conquers Disk Utility when it comes to Resize Mac Partitions

Disk Utility in Mac OS X enables performing various disk management tasks, including creating and managing partitions. However, it fails to perform tasks such as enlarging the boot volume by merging the free space available on the hard drive. In fact, Disk Utility fails to show the free space available or created after deleting a volume.

In addition, Disk utility fails to show the free space left on the hard drive after you created the required number of volumes. Stellar Partition Manager incorporates all such features that make it a better and preferred partition manager. Let us take a walk-through of comparison of both of these Mac OS X based partition managers.

Resize with Disk Utility

Even though hard drive partitioning is a complex task when it contains data, it becomes a child’s play when you are supposed to do it on Mac OS X based computers. Well, you might know Intel-based Macs do allow repartitioning or resizing the drive partitions whenever required, keeping the data intact. However, there is a limit for resizing a partition, which is to the amount of the free space on it. Anyway, since you do not want to trouble your data, you will memorize it for sure.

On Mac OS X, you might be anytime in need for enlarging your boot volume for installing more applications or in a similar scenario. Intel-based Macs luckily allow doing this, but Disk Utility creates issues. You delete a volume on your Mac to merge the free space in its boot volume. However, Disk Utility does not list the free space along with other partitions under the Partition tab, and it is just like ‘Lost’.

Resize partition with disk utility

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A do-it-all Tool that Repairs, Converts, Compresses, and Splits Outlook OST as PST

Stellar Data Recovery unveils its much-anticipated OST to PST converter for technicians and administrators. The new Stellar OST to PST Converter – Technician is a real boon that does much more than just any OST to PST converter tool. In addition to converting Outlook OST file to the corresponding PST file, it also enables features, such as compaction and splitting of the converted file. The best part is; Stellar OST to PST Converter – Technician can convert OST file with corruption or damage.

ost to pst tech

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How to Avoid and Deal with Dreaded Photos Loss Scenarios

Digitalization of cameras and photos, undoubtedly, is an outstanding innovation and it has made things easier a lot. For instance, you do not have to go to the photography lab to get them printed. Besides, you can still go through them and experience those mesmerizing moments again. However, you need to be even more careful regarding handling of such expensive digital cameras and storage as well as management of photo stored on the storage media, viz. SD card, CF card, and the like. You must not forget that being a bit careless about your camera or the SD card might cause corruption, and ultimately the photos loss.

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Repairing Corrupt Presentations Created in MS PowerPoint 2007 and 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint, as you know, is a component of Microsoft Office that is available in a number of different versions, released to meet the needs of modern users. This Office utility enables creating presentations having file type (or extension) .ppt for Office 2003 and earlier versions, while .pptx for Office 2007 and all later ones.

MS PowerPoint is very much in demand in corporate, colleges, institutions, and at many other places across the world for creating elegant business and academic presentations. Such increasing demand and corresponding utilization makes Microsoft keep improving and fixing the flaws reported by its users. The software giant releases various application and security updates at different intervals aiming at providing tremendous user experience. However, the company needs a lot more to do in order to fix the issues encountered.

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Recover Lost Data from Inaccessible Laptop Hard Drives

Hard drives do have sensitive nature, which makes them fall under the category named ‘Susceptible to Corruption’ due to innumerable causes, including file system corruption, malfunctioning of any of the internals, power failures, and improper or forced system shutdown. Corruption in the hard drive causes data loss, in case there is no recent backup available. Moreover, such data loss situations might lead to a state of panic and sink you into chaos.

No matter which computer, a desktop or laptop, you own, the hard drive installed on it does not assure for data security. In fact, since laptops are portable, the odds for their hard drives getting bad are greater than that for the hard drives installed on desktops. Besides, you cannot do anything to prevent hard drive corruption, but can keep a recent backup of your crucial data on an external drive or at some other secure location, typically a network drive. 

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