Steps to Put into Practice When Data Storage Media Fails

‘Data loss events are quite common and are met often due to failure of the storage media, such as a hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, or a like data traveler. Though data recovery is feasible today, it does not mean to be careless about your crucial data, and then run in hustle for a reliable source to recover lost data intact. In scenarios like losing one or more files unknowingly or due to unintentional deletion, data recovery is easier and sometimes productive up to 100 percent. In contrast, physical failure of a storage media requires meeting data recovery experts.’ – Be quick in whatever step you take and recover lost data at the earliest.

storage media data recovery

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Stellar Performs Hard Drive Repair under Standard Class 100 Clean Room Environment

You must have heard about class 100 clean room but do you really interpret it a right way? Stellar introduces a standard clean room that the firm uses to provide users with a perfectly fine hard drive. Being a renowned and trusted service provider, the company puts best efforts by having equipped with all the top-notch resources. As you know that Stellar has earned name and value in the entire data recovery industry, the company promises to deliver high-quality results within the time limit. Let’s see how use of class 100 Clean Room makes Stellar a doyen in the whole industry.

Class 100

Constantly increasing data keeps on demanding more space, which is always less whether you provide it with 10 or 100 times extra space, this need forces you to get several storage devices. Hard drive is the best option to find and this is the only way out you can consider to store your data safely. However, negative circumstances never leave a chance to put your data at stake or make it lost. There are situations when your hard drive is physically destroyed. For example, say your drive hit something and got scratches or even it fell down and got a crack, and many other similar cases. Such incidents bring all the data away from you as the drive stops working. Let us see why the drive denies to work.

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Considerations before you make your choice of data recovery service

Even in today, data recovery from hard drive is an unknown concept for many of the computer operators. It only becomes a familiar term when users become a victim of severe data loss due to what so ever reason. Due to lack of appropriate knowledge in this area, the matter becomes worse and ultimate makes the computer user to panic. This not only leads to further complications but kill the ability to think in the right direction. You won’t believe that even after a hard drive failure or accidentally formatting any volume, users may still run or use those particular hard drive/volumes. However, data recovery experts strongly recommend to stop using the hard drive, memory card etc. after accidental formatting or drive failure.

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About Hard disk Sanitization

The term ‘Disk Sanitization’ might be new for most of us, but plays important role in securing the data integrity

What is disk sanitization?

Disk Sanitization is the process of eliminating sensitive data or information from storage media like hard disk drives. In cases, when the data on the hard disk is erased, some or all information about the data may still remains on the hard drive. Such a condition where data still exist even after formatting or erasing the drive is called Data Remanence‘, which can be easily recover by any data recovery software. To tackle data remanence problem in the hard drives, we use sanitization process.

Choosing to go for disk sanitization services may help you to get rid of any possible accident of data drainage due to hazardous media recycling, in case of system handout, casual practices of data wiping. Formatting the entire hard disk drive is mere a temporarily solution to erase the confidential data. With any file recovery software the data on the formatted drive can be recovered back, reused or misused. So, Stellar won’t suggest you to only format the hard disk drive before you dispose it off. Make sure you wipe it – sanitize it.

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