How to Copy and Move Data From Unbootable PC

Almost all computer ships with a single un-partitioned volume. The volume can be used to store system files as well as user data. The system files are nothing but the operating system files including the bootable files that are responsible to boot the system. However, at times such bootable files fail to start up the system. In addition, there could be some problem with other system files that make the PC unbootable. As a result, a user is not able to start the system and access the data. In order to get back the access, he/she needs to make the PC bootable.

Unbootable PC

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SSDs are Not Far-off from Data Loss, Need Extensive Care to Perform Flawlessly

Solid-state drives (abb. as SSD) are replacements for the hard disk drives (abb. as HDD) for those who wish their PCs performing exceptionally well. Technically, SSDs do not contain moving parts and thus, they are less susceptible to failure due to malfunctioning of any of them. Instead, they are constructed with a number of flash memory chips integrated inside a metallic body. Having a fairly less number of internal components, SSDs are lightweight, compact, and integrated data storage devices with notably faster data read and write speed. Consequently, SSDs enhance the performance of your computer by a significant factor.


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Recover Lost Data from Inaccessible Laptop Hard Drives

Hard drives do have sensitive nature, which makes them fall under the category named ‘Susceptible to Corruption’ due to innumerable causes, including file system corruption, malfunctioning of any of the internals, power failures, and improper or forced system shutdown. Corruption in the hard drive causes data loss, in case there is no recent backup available. Moreover, such data loss situations might lead to a state of panic and sink you into chaos.

No matter which computer, a desktop or laptop, you own, the hard drive installed on it does not assure for data security. In fact, since laptops are portable, the odds for their hard drives getting bad are greater than that for the hard drives installed on desktops. Besides, you cannot do anything to prevent hard drive corruption, but can keep a recent backup of your crucial data on an external drive or at some other secure location, typically a network drive. 

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Retrieve Data from Formatted Drives Keeping Their Contents Intact

Losing crucial files after formatting the storage media unintentionally is one amongst the scenarios that cause huge data loss. In fact, such scenarios are quite common and are very often encountered when users perform operations, such as deleting and rebuilding partitions, convert FAT to NTFS or vice-versa, or selecting wrong partition while installing Windows or any other operating system. However, you can recover data after format in its original state with professional data recovery software that incorporates formatted recovery option. Thus, lost data is feasible to be brought back to life with trustworthy data recovery tools.


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Set Scan Preferences of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery wisely to make Drive Scanning Efficient and Precise

You cannot be too much reliant on your Mac drive to keep your data sheltered. In fact, you cannot consider your Mac data secure without having its backup, as a data disaster may anytime surprise you. Since a data disaster may anytime come across, all you need to have is a commercial data recovery tool, viz. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery.

Mac data recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a comprehensive solution for all types of data loss situations, e.g. missing to corrupt files, lost or corrupt volumes, and the like. This professional data recovery software follows a three-step approach for data recovery, i.e. ‘Scan’, ‘Preview’, and ‘Save’. In fact, based upon the scan preferences, this Do-it-Yourself data recovery software restores all your data intact. In reality, scan preferences play a key role in data recovery; let us discuss this option in detail.

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Stellar Unveils Stellar Phoenix virtual Machine Data Recovery 1.0

System virtualization is a very inherent need for technology seekers and numerous small and medium scale organizations across the globe. Many user build virtual machines on their existing system to carry out functions and operations ,which are otherwise seems not possible with the existing hardware and software. There are several system virtualization software available in the market, some of the most widely used ones are offered by VMware, ORACLE, and Microsoft.


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Stellar’s XFS Data Recovery is a Good Fit for SUSE Linux Users

Stellar adds another competitive tool to its data recovery warehouse with the release of first major version of Stellar Phoenix XFS Data Recovery. The software affirms quick recovery from all types of data loss occurrences on your XFS based Linux volumes. The tool is a saving grace for SUSE Linux users who often run into problems with their XFS file system and experience data loss.

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Finding out lost data from a Flash memory device

With Flash drives coming into existence, soon came the end of burning CD-DVDs to store the data. Today, flash memory are reasonably available in both online & offline markets. Flash drives offering to store bulk of data made them the first choice as storage media devices. USB flash drives are easily compatible with different lines of OS & hardware like Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s Mac & Linux. Moreover, plugging the USB device into the car music system has become a part of our daily life. Being both a rewritable & removable device, it can be very easily inserted into the USB port of a Mac system. Generally the USB flash devices are self-powered storage devices.

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Undelete Software – Effective Path to Recover Deleted Data

Nothing is more irritating than losing precious data and that too because of our own mistake i.e. by accidentally deleting them! Though accidental deletion is one of the prominent causes of data loss but very few of you must be aware of the fact that you can recover your permanently deleted data or data which is not even present in the ‘Recycle Bin’ of your computer. Yes, with the help of efficient third-party undelete software you can recover all your deleted data.

However, one precaution that you must observe in order to perform successful recovery is to stop using your affected computer until undelete software does its job completely. The reason is that any new data can overwrite the deleted data, minimizing the possibility of recovery. Let us see how.

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Consequences of Hard Disk Myths

Invention of computer has given many significant advantages in term of itsHard Disk Myths working speed and high capacity to store the data. It executes its task within fraction of second and save data permanently to hard disk drive. Every electronic device is having some limitations and rumours which become traditional myths in latter time. There are some myth regarding hard disks which were followed by people to fix the errors in the hard disk but in reality situation becomes too worst after which it is impossible to recover data from the hard drive and there is no option will left to recover data except to use any professional data recovery software. People had taken these mind boggling suggestions from their friend or Internet.

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