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USB Drive is Corrupted and Unresponsive, How to Recover my Files Back!

A USB flash drive stores all its data in the memory similar to a hard drive. The operating system can later on fetch this data when required to be accessed. There can be various issues that may turn your USB drive data inaccessible. Such as if the drive is un-mounted improperly from the port

Solid State Drives (SSDs) – Separating Fact from Fiction!

Documents, Movies, Photos and Music – all different kinds of files with different handling and uses. But all of these have one thing in common – they need space to be stored. When it comes to space, our general consideration revolves around the amount of it, as in, Gigabytes (GBs) or Terabytes (TBs) and

Beware – You may lose your data this way!

It is human nature to ignore warnings. We believe in falling in a pit-hole and then trying to get out instead of looking straight ahead and walking carefully. There is a large section of computer users who are still under the impression that data loss will never catch up to them. The stark truth

Stellar Data Recovery Offers 83% off on PC Utility Software Bundle

  This Deal is Now Closed  Updated o5th January 2015 Global leader in providing best data backup , repair and recovery utilities for various platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. Stellar announces great discounts on one of its popular software bundle and invite users to avail this before the offer expires. This PC Utility

Assure Yourself before Purchasing Data Recovery Software

Data loss refers to the loss of information from the storage media on which it was stored. There are many scenarios that can lead to data loss including corruption, deletion, and more. However, there are as many solutions and techniques to recover back such lost data. Why you need Data Recovery Software? There is

How to Copy and Move Data From Unbootable PC

Almost all computer ships with a single un-partitioned volume. The volume can be used to store system files as well as user data. The system files are nothing but the operating system files including the bootable files that are responsible to boot the system. However, at times such bootable files fail to start up

Data Loss Risks from SSDs and Recovery Steps

Solid-state drives (abb. as SSD) are replacements for the hard disk drives (abb. as HDD) for those who wish their PCs performing exceptionally well. Technically, SSDs do not contain moving parts and thus, they are less susceptible to failure due to malfunctioning of any of them. Instead, they are constructed with a number of

Recover Lost Data from Inaccessible Laptop Hard Drives

Hard drives do have sensitive nature, which makes them fall under the category named ‘Susceptible to Corruption’ due to innumerable causes, including file system corruption, malfunctioning of any of the internals, power failures, and improper or forced system shutdown. Corruption in the hard drive causes data loss, in case there is no recent backup

How to Retrieve Formatted Drive Data While Keeping Their Contents Intact?

Losing crucial files after formatting the storage media unintentionally is one amongst the scenarios that cause huge data loss. In fact, such scenarios are quite common and are very often encountered when users perform operations, such as deleting and rebuilding partitions, convert FAT to NTFS or vice-versa, or selecting wrong partition while installing Windows

Set Scan Preferences of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery wisely to make Drive Scanning Efficient and Precise

You cannot be too much reliant on your Mac drive to keep your data sheltered. In fact, you cannot consider your Mac data secure without having its backup, as a data disaster may anytime surprise you. Since a data disaster may anytime come across, all you need to have is a commercial data recovery