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Recovering data from external hard drive that isn’t detected

We often come across questions on technical forums in which people describe that their external hard drives aren’t detected on their machines. For example –“My computer isn’t detecting my external hard drive. This is surprising since everything was working fine till an hour ago. My machine shut down unexpectedly while transferring some data from

External Hard Drive not Formatted, here’s how to recover data

Scenario: You’re on a sight seeing trip to a picturesque location and have a high-end DSLR with you. You love clicking pictures and at the end of each day your 16GB memory card is almost full making it impossible to continue the next day without transferring the photos to another device. So each night

Reasons Behind Hard Drive or Flash Drive Failure

‘Data loss events are quite common and are met often due to failure of the storage media, such as a hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, or a like data traveler. Though data recovery is feasible today, it does not mean to be careless about your crucial data, and then run in hustle