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Stellar Launched Backup Recovery Software for Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7

The avoidance of enormous data loss can be done in numerous ways. One of those ways is by taking its backup. As the backup is an efficient way to protect data loss, still some conditions persist that can affect those backup files also. These factors are: Unrecognizable file format Runtime error CRC (Cyclic Redundancy

Hard disk Making Clicking Noises and Inaccessible, How Do I Recover My Files?

Nowadays, with the increasing development in technology, hard drives are also improving, including storage capacity, speed, compact size, etc. However, due to the higher frequency of usage, these storage drives show issues at times and clicking noise is included in one of those major issues. Normally, these computer storage drives are quite and steady,

How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Cards?

Data loss from SD card are very common these days and every third of us have faced it already. Although, owning a micro SD card provides huge benefits, it also comes with some serious issues that is worth noticing. Modern SD cards may get damaged or eventually become inaccessible and you’ll have no way

Recover or Restore Deleted Files on Windows or Mac

Many times we need to clean or delete files from storage media so we could save other important documents or boost the system speed by freeing up space from the hard drive. But sometimes we accidentally delete some important documents and remove those even from the recycle bin. Moreover, you can lose precious files