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Hard drives are an important source for storing data. As data has grown tremendously over the years and in every industry, there is a great demand of high capacity hard drives. Storage is the required responsibility of the hard drive that includes not just storing music and videos but also lengthy documents, pictures, programs,

External Hard Drive Not Showing UP, How to Recover files?

At times, when you plug in an external drive into your system you won’t be able to see it in the ‘Computer’ screen or AutoPlay in Windows. Here, you will be able to take a look at ways to resolve external hard drive not showing up issues and make it accessible for use on

Facing Permanent Hard Drive Data Loss, See Why Data Recovery Services is So Useful

Being an avid desktop or laptop user, you may abruptly face weird hard drive related errors overtime. These errors are the consequences of improper uses of internal hard drive. Additionally, errors surfaced due to logical issues or physical corruption of the drive. These errors seems obvious in the beginning and supposed to be easily

USB 3.0 external hard drive not recognized on a Windows 8.1 PC, Why?

External hard drives are a boon for all. They prove to be extremely useful as backup destinations, for temporary data storage and as portable libraries. As such, you would hardly find a user without an external drive in possession. However, like all hardware, external drives are often hit by problems. These include hardware failures,

How to Fix ‘Inaccessible hard drives – Access is denied’ Error and Recover Data

Hard drive failure and recovery The hard drive is one of the major storage components of a computer system. It stores various kinds of data like text, pictures, audios, videos, etc. Any problem arising in such hard drives could lead to inaccessibility of the data present in them. Such inaccessibility is often supported by

Hard Drive Failure Prevention and Data Recovery – A Complete Guide

Hard drive is an important storage device since many decades that kept your data always stored even in the absence of power source. Hard drive is improved much more in terms of size and performance as compare to past when merely 5 or 10 MB of storage capacity is available to save user data

SSD vs HDD: Which is Better and Why?

With growing data storage needs and security breaches, users are continuously demanding reliable and robust storage devices. Undoubtedly, hard drive is the most common & traditional storage medium that continues to grow in size, reliability & security and keeping user’s data for last many years while requiring a very small investment. However, it may