Hard Drive Failure Prevention and Data Recovery – A Complete Guide

Hard drive is an important storage device since many decades that kept your data always stored even in the absence of power source. Hard drive is improved much more in terms of size and performance as compare to past when merely 5 or 10 MB of storage capacity is available to save user data and takes very large space.

Continuous evolvement by hard drive manufacturers makes it of very large capacity yet highly complex in nature which greatly increases the barrier of data recovery firms to recover data when accidentally lost, deleted, or formatted. Moreover, large capacities hard drives are more prominent to failure due to of using large sector sizes (4 K) as well as data recovery possibilities are also very slim as compare to low capacity hard drives.

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SSD or HDD – Choice is Yours

With growing data storage needs and security breaches, users are continuously demanding reliable and robust storage devices. Undoubtedly, hard drive is the most common & traditional storage medium that continues to grow in size, reliability & security and keeping user’s data for last many years while requiring a very small investment. However, it may imminently fail because of improper use, human misdeeds, logical or physical damages etc., where a SSD (Solid State Drive) can store important data for up to 200 years without getting failed or damaging the content on it.

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