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How to Recover Office for Mac Files on OS X Hard Drive?

Microsoft Office is a professional suite consisting of many useful tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote, etc. It caters the need of millions of people and is widely compatible across various versions of operating system including Windows and Mac OS X. Over the years, there have been many versions of Office supported

Corrupt Mac Hard Drive and Partition – How to Recover?

What Are the Reasons for Corrupt Mac Drive The hard drive of your Mac is the storehouse of all your vital data and memorable photos and video. It is not very often that the hard drive crashes or refuses to respond to your commands; however, it happens without warning. There are various reasons for

Repair Inaccessible or Damaged HFS Volume and Mac Partition

Overview Hierarchical File System (HFS and HFS+) is the most common file systems used by Mac based hard drives. They are present in Mac either as a local partition or logical drives. So, all the data that are present on Mac drive are stored in HFS based partition. However, in spite of being a

An All in One Package to Optimize Mac Hard Drive

You can now easily optimize, maintain, and repair your Mac hard drive using the Stellar Drive Toolbox. It is a complete Mac utility bundle to enhance the Mac performance by performing various operations on the OS X hard drive. Why you need it? Every hard drive requires optimization from time to time. In case

Clone Mac Based Hard Drives to Any Other Hard Drive

Overview You can now easily clone your Mac hard drive based on HFS and FAT file systems. Cloning creates an exact replica of the of the Mac hard drive in the form of an image. It requires you to first create an image file and then load the image onto a disk, which can

Which is the Best Choice between MOV and MP4 File Format

Today, there are different kinds of video file format supported across various platforms. The choice of a video file format totally depends upon the user requirement and the type of file he/she is working with. MOV and MP4 are the two most commonly used video file format. They both use the lossy video compression

All You Need To Perform QuickTime MOV Repair

MOV: Overview MOV is a well-known file format proprietary to Apple Inc., which is used for storing multimedia content. Apple QuickTime player (built into all MacBooks) uses ‘.MOV’ as its native file format for video files. MOV files are multimedia container files that may be assumed to have one or more tracks. Each track

Stellar Speedup Mac to accelerate slow Macs

To have a Mac which is getting slower with time is one of the most painful experiences for a Mac user. Reason why, Stellar Speedup Mac had been committed to resolve the crawling performance issues in Mac by eliminating every single junk file residing on the Mac OS X hard drive. The speed up

A Comprehensive Fix for QuickTime MOV File Corruption

Stellar data recovery unveiled the simplest ever solution to deal with QuickTime MOV file corruption, i.e. Stellar Phoenix MOV Repair. The comprehensive utility is much in favor of all Mac video enthusiasts who are continuously plagued by unpredictable issues when playing movies in Apple’s QuickTime application. The software can efficiently repair every component of