Which is the Best Choice between MOV and MP4 File Format

Today, there are different kinds of video file format supported across various platforms. The choice of a video file format totally depends upon the user requirement and the type of file he/she is working with. MOV and MP4 are the two most commonly used video file format. They both use the lossy video compression approach to hold the videos. This method makes the video much lighter in size as it eliminates the portion of the video that are less significant. In addition, it maintains a minimum quality loss after the video has been compressed.


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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 6.0 Sets Out to Achieve New Milestones

The trend of developing data recovery solutions for businesses has always been in vogue and Mac users desperately need such solutions to keep all kinds of data secure. Stellar, a legendary in data recovery domain, brings some relief to the Mac world one more time with its new and optimized Mac Data Recovery 6.0. The company has recently launched the sixth major release to its flagship product that is expected to solve data recovery tasks much better than before.Mac Data Recovery 6 Box

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All You Need To Perform QuickTime MOV Repair

MOV: Overview

MOV is a well-known file format proprietary to Apple Inc., which is used for storing multimedia content. Apple QuickTime player (built into all MacBooks) uses ‘.MOV’ as its native file format for video files. MOV files are multimedia container files that may be assumed to have one or more tracks. Each track stores a specific component of the movie, including text (subtitles), graphics, audio, and video. This file format is commonly used with a broad range of media files, such as music, 3D, animation, and audio/video recordings.

MOV File

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Bunch of free features available in Stellar Speedup Mac 2.5 that fasten slow Macs

To have a Mac which is getting slower with time is one of the most painful experiences for a Mac user. Reason why, Stellar Speedup Mac 2.5 had been committed to resolve the crawling performance issues in Mac by eliminating every single junk file residing on the Mac OS X hard drive. The speed up Mac utility not only transforms a sluggish Mac into a fast performing machine but also leaves a big smile on the face of the users who have had enough struggles with the lethargic Mac.


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What’s New in Mac Data Recovery 5.0

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery v5 has added lots of enhancements to the previous release (4.1). The new version has evolved the existing functionality of the tool to make it a one-stop solution for all Mac data recovery needs. From recovering files with their exact names, to 30% faster scanning, to support for 2 TB hard drives; the software aims at transforming your Mac data recovery endeavors to successful stories.

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A Comprehensive Fix for QuickTime MOV File Corruption

Stellar data recovery unveiled the simplest ever solution to deal with QuickTime MOV file corruption, i.e. Stellar Phoenix MOV Repair. The comprehensive utility is much in favor of all Mac video enthusiasts who are continuously plagued by unpredictable issues when playing movies in Apple’s QuickTime application. The software can efficiently repair every component of MOV video irrespective of the source of corruption.

The problem of MOV File corruption may show up in myriad forms and render your video completely unplayable. These include audio video sync issues, corrupt file header, improper movement of frames, unclear audio, pixilated images, and more. The software can overcome all these problems by extracting data separately from the audio and video streams and attaching it together to create a playable MOV file.  

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