Stellar Partition Manager conquers Disk Utility when it comes to Resize Mac Partitions

Disk Utility in Mac OS X enables performing various disk management tasks, including creating and managing partitions. However, it fails to perform tasks such as enlarging the boot volume by merging the free space available on the hard drive. In fact, Disk Utility fails to show the free space available or created after deleting a volume.

In addition, Disk utility fails to show the free space left on the hard drive after you created the required number of volumes. Stellar Partition Manager incorporates all such features that make it a better and preferred partition manager. Let us take a walk-through of comparison of both of these Mac OS X based partition managers.

Resize with Disk Utility

Even though hard drive partitioning is a complex task when it contains data, it becomes a child’s play when you are supposed to do it on Mac OS X based computers. Well, you might know Intel-based Macs do allow repartitioning or resizing the drive partitions whenever required, keeping the data intact. However, there is a limit for resizing a partition, which is to the amount of the free space on it. Anyway, since you do not want to trouble your data, you will memorize it for sure.

On Mac OS X, you might be anytime in need for enlarging your boot volume for installing more applications or in a similar scenario. Intel-based Macs luckily allow doing this, but Disk Utility creates issues. You delete a volume on your Mac to merge the free space in its boot volume. However, Disk Utility does not list the free space along with other partitions under the Partition tab, and it is just like ‘Lost’.

Resize partition with disk utility

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Tips to Speed Up MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in Spotlight

When it comes to Mac, it is understood that the computers will give excellent performance. In fact, you should not be doubtful about Mac performance, as Mac machines do not hold the title of Excellence just like that. Advanced hardware components, eye-pleasing graphics, lesser startup and shutdown times, tremendous execution environment, and many other elements and features contribute greatly to make Mac machines able to achieve the title Excellent.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

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Steps to Clone Mac Drive to Another Drive for Backup Purpose

Mac cloning is an efficient and reliable way to back up the contents of the hard drive and use them on another Mac based computer. In fact, if you clone a Mac on an external hard drive, you actually create its portable backup and you can use it to boot any Mac based machine. For this, simply hook up clone drive to another Mac and hold down the ALT key while Mac is booting. Choose the clone drive as the bootable media at the run time and start using it if you are using your own Mac machine.

mac drive clone

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The Efficiency of Stellar Volume Repair in Comparison to Disk Utility

No matter how secure the ‘so-called’ excellent computer operating system Mac OS X is, users often come across issues like inaccessible volumes, corruption in volumes, fail to read/write access volumes, and the like. All such issues lead to data inaccessibility, and eventually, to data loss. Avoiding such issues; and hence, the data loss requires repairing the corrupt or inaccessible volume(s) at the earliest, which indeed requires a commercial volume repair application.

When issues like volume corruption or inaccessibility is encountered, obviously everyone gets worry lines on his forehead, fussing over the consequences of the issue, which eventually lead to data loss. Since Mac OS X holds the crown of excellence, such scenarios were never supposed to come across on these computers at least. This indeed marks the vulnerability of Mac OS X to corruption and confirms that excellence still lacks a lot to meet the perfection.

Stellar volume repair

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Stellar Data Recovery unveils the Most Efficient Mac Speedup Utility Ever

“Stellar Speedup Mac Makes your Mac 25% faster and enhances the performance by removing all duplicate, unwanted, junk files, and unused spaces.”

Mac machines are always appreciated for their speed, fastness, and smoothness. With best hardware from Apple, supposedly, the most advanced computer operating system; iOS, Mac users enjoy the best of everything. However, many times, we face performance issue with our Mac; such as a slow Mac, unresponsive Mac, files in the Mac opening too slowly, etc.


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Resolve, “Your Startup-disk is almost full” with Stellar Speedup Mac

Consider this, if you are an aggressive Mac OS X user who prefer to install as much applications on OS X then chances are high you may encounter the below message on OS X Mac.

disk is full

And, not only apps but also other form of data such as caches files, system files & log files add up to the disk and reduces the required free spaces for the OS X.

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Now QuickBooks Repair for Mac Available

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software in many parts of the world. The popularity of the tool has earned it immense acceptance among accountants and millions of small business. The Mac version of the tool has added more user base to the product. However, as inherent to every tool, users do encounter issues, and error situations while using QuickBooks due to a variety of reasons. This is very common both for the Windows as well as for Mac OS X users.

QuickBooks repair

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Smart Finder Enables Recouping Disk Space by Deleting Duplicate Files on Mac

Even though Mac machines provide large space for data storage, they often need enhancement when users have a huge collection of their personal stuff, such as movies, photos, songs, and more. All such stuff eats up huge amount of space on the hard drive; and therefore, affects system performance adversely. Low disk space is also one of the primary causes of poor performance of a computer. Well, apart from the formal causes of performance downfall, such as massive storage, disk corruption, virus or malware infections, and accumulated system junk, duplicate files also are the one of the reasons of low disk space. Finder can help you find duplicate files on your Mac.

smart finder

Stellar Smart Finder: Displaying file & folder in Sunburst Chart.

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Enhanced Drive Maintenance and Optimization Toolkit for Mac Users

Fast and reliable access to data is critical for enhanced Mac experience. We have applications indiscriminately storing massive amounts of data that slow down the Mac. Keeping this fact in consideration, there is a need to periodically configure, optimize, and monitor Mac hard drives. The new Stellar Drive ToolBox for Mac is the latest software in the industry to create a buzz. This piece of utility is designed to help you better manage and maintain the out-of-the-box performance of your drives.  drive-tool-box-new

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Effortless PDF to Image Conversion: Why Converting PDF Documents Makes Sense

PDF (acronym for Portable Document Formats) is an ideal format to share data and information across multiple platforms. There are many applications of PDF, including publishing electronic documents, creating interactive forms, protecting information from unauthorized editing, copying, or viewing, and more. PDF documents can easily viewed on various platforms, such as Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, etc. However, you may come across several situations that require you to convert your PDFs to a different format in order for enjoying greater flexibility and ease of use when handling a specific piece of information. pdf to image icon

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