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Mac can’t repair hfs hard drive. How to resolve?

It could be nightmarish, if you have got the below message through Disk Utility, while repairing HFS formatted internal or external hard drive. Error: Disk Utility can’t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files. The above message doesn’t show up in

How to wipe Mac hard drive with 35 passes?

Disk Utility allows wiping a Mac drive with 3 tools: Zeroes – Writes single pass of Zeros over the partition/disk 3 Pass – Writes 2 passes of random data followed by single pass of known data. 7 Pass – Considered to be ‘Most Secure’, it writes over the data 7 times. Any secondary partition

Erase Confidential Data Using Mac Wiping Software

Overview Due to ever-increasing security concerns among the users, the confidential data that are no longer required by the user should be securely removed. A Mac user stores various kinds of confidential data on the system including proprietary data, medical and/or financial information, etc. However, over the time, such data might not be of

Now Resize HFS+ Partition of Mac without Using Disk Utility

Overview You can resize Mac disk partition without being dependent on the inbuilt utilities. There are various inbuilt features to work on the Mac HFS partition. The Disk Utility feature allows you to resize the Mac partition to manage your data. Such options are not feasible all the time, especially when the data integrity

Resize Mac Partitions – Stellar Partition Manager VS Disk utility

Disk Utility in Mac OS X enables performing various disk management tasks, including creating and managing partitions. However, it fails to perform tasks such as enlarging the boot volume by merging the free space available on the hard drive. In fact, Disk Utility fails to show the free space available or created after deleting

Tips to Speed Up MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in Spotlight

When it comes to Mac, it is understood that the computers will give excellent performance. In fact, you should not be doubtful about Mac performance, as Mac machines do not hold the title of Excellence just like that. Advanced hardware components, eye-pleasing graphics, lesser startup and shutdown times, tremendous execution environment, and many other

Steps to Clone Mac Drive to Another Drive for Backup Purpose

Mac cloning is an efficient and reliable way to back up the contents of the hard drive and use them on another Mac based computer. In fact, if you clone a Mac on an external hard drive, you actually create its portable backup and you can use it to boot any Mac based machine.

The Efficiency of Stellar Volume Repair in Comparison to Disk Utility

“No matter how secure the ‘so-called’ excellent computer operating system Mac OS X is, users often come across issues like inaccessible volumes, corruption in volumes, fail to read/write access volumes, and the like. All such issues lead to data inaccessibility, and eventually, to data loss. Avoiding such issues; and hence, the data loss requires

Resolve, “Your Startup-disk is almost full” with Stellar Speedup Mac

Consider this, if you are an aggressive Mac OS X user who prefer to install as much applications on OS X then chances are high you may encounter the below message on OS X Mac. And, not only apps but also other form of data such as caches files, system files & log files

Smart Finder Enables Recouping Disk Space by Deleting Duplicate Files on Mac

Even though Mac machines provide large space for data storage, they often need enhancement when users have a huge collection of their personal stuff, such as movies, photos, songs, and more. All such stuff eats up huge amount of space on the hard drive; and therefore, affects system performance adversely. Low disk space is