How I Recovered My Lost Photos, Taken during Germany vs Brazil Match FIFA World Cup 2014

Are you a diehard fan of FIFA World Cup? If you are, then you must be watching every single match of the FIFA World Cup 2014 tournament. Okay! Few questions arises in our mind about the ongoing World Cup 2014 and only few of us can answer those. Few of them are like, do you know that Brazil is the country hosting FIFA World Cup 2014? How many of you know that it is the 20th FIFA World Cup (12th June – 13th July) taking place at several places across Brazil? There are 32 Teams in 8 Groups are there in the tournament.


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How to Avoid and Deal with Dreaded Photos Loss Scenarios

Digitalization of cameras and photos, undoubtedly, is an outstanding innovation and it has made things easier a lot. For instance, you do not have to go to the photography lab to get them printed. Besides, you can still go through them and experience those mesmerizing moments again. However, you need to be even more careful regarding handling of such expensive digital cameras and storage as well as management of photo stored on the storage media, viz. SD card, CF card, and the like. You must not forget that being a bit careless about your camera or the SD card might cause corruption, and ultimately the photos loss.

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Introduction to P2 Cards and Recover Lost MXF Video files from P2 Cards

Panasonic P2, the high-definition video recording camera from Panasonic, captures video of MXF file type and stores them on a P2 memory card, which makes editing those videos a bit easy and efficient for Avid Systems. The key reason for the ease in editing the MXF video files for Avid Systems is none other than the particular ‘file type’ that requires no file type conversion and any sort of transcoding. In fact, this type of files can be edited directly from the P2 Card.

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Stellar Data Recovery unveils the Finest Ever Photo Recovery tool that regains Almost All Multimedia File Types from Practically Any Storage Media

Stellar Data Recovery again has come up with a more robust and stable release of its most popular and product of choice – Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Version 6. The recent launch gives the software new feathers to attain great photo recovery features, while at the same time freedom to the users to gain more with this software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 6 is an inclusion of completely new features and functionalities, along with strengthening the existing ones. Let us unearthen the truth.

HDMOV File Recovery – Scan, Preview & Recovery

This time, it does tremendously with the HDMOV file scan, preview, and recovery. HDMOV are getting popular quickly with all the modern cameras for both the still photography as well as videography. The causes of loss (including deletion and formatting of storage media and many times unknown) leave the users clueless about how to recover them. Stellar Photo Recovery in all the cases of HDMOV multimedia data loss can seamlessly recover.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.14.29 AM

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Get Back Your Lost Digital Memories

It’s for sure that every digital device which has the capability to store data might be under the threat of data loss at some point of time. And, when it happens, you feel like left alone & lost. After all, the memory device is an electrical component and may fail anytime. It can be a computer hard drive, memory card, external storage device or any other. The same is the case with the digital cameras where you capture life’s precious moments in the form of still images, videos or even recorded audios. You also want to perceive those captured sentiments at later time from the digital storage.

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Are You Ready for Windows 8?

“Windows 8 – The Next Generation OS” is an amazingly fast Windows OS unlike its predecessors containing set of features such as apps gallery, security, touch enabled keyboards etc. that makes you feel like using speedy and secured PC. Windows 8 get outstanding exposure within the few days of its release and believed to be the revolutionary OS, which Microsoft has planning for many years.

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Stellar Releases its latest version of Photo Recovery Software for All Photography Enthusiasts

Stellar, on <11.09.2012>, has released the much anticipated version 5 of its professional Photo Recovery software for all Mac and Windows users. The software is an answer to all your photo recovery problems and is especially beneficial for those who want to quickly rescue their lost memories with minimum effort and time invested. This enhanced utility allows you to carry out a painless recovery of all lost photos, audios, and other multimedia files with more easy-to-use and customizable options.

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Memory Card Errors: Fix it and Recover Your Media

Memory card (Flash Drive) is an electronic data storage device that’s rewritable and reprogrammed, used in several electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, computer or laptops. Memory card uses the NAND type to store and transmit the data from one device to another. With the growing need’s, the storage capacity of memory card’s is increased up to 16 GB, and that’s why the risk of memory card failure is highly increased in these days.

Memory card is mostly used on cameras and mobile to store different type of media such as songs, images, videos etc. There is various type of memory cards are available in the market such as: SD Card, CF Card, XD Picture card ranging from MB’s to GB’s of capacity. Memory card is one of the cheapest and convenient way to store the data and can be easily adjusted to almost any type of cameras or mobile.

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