Why Stellar Data Recovery has Associated ‘Phoenix’ the Mythological Bird to its Name

Stellar Data Recovery has been in the business of developing software and providing specialized services for all cases of data loss since 1993. It has been more than twenty years; we have developed more than 100 data recovery and repair tools under the brand name – Stellar Phoenix. Our products cover almost all platforms (operating systems) and applications. More than 2 million customers across the globe have tried Stellar Phoenix range of products and benefited from them.

We hear from our customers, users, and reviewer & developers community many things about our products. Most of the users truly like, praise, and send us their testimony after they recover their lost data, which we love to preserve in our memory lane and portray across our web properties. Many others give us valuable suggestions that really help us bring in better products and services for you. Of course, few feedbacks are hard to digest and we just take the good lesson from them as well and move on with our motto, the motto to develop winning products and service offerings for our users.

phoenix bird

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Stellar 2013 New Releases & Updgrades: A Recall

Unlike any year, 2013 witnessed many new software technologies being unfolded by Stellar’s Research & Development department. These software & utilities developed by the team of Stellar Data Recovery sharply aimed at resuming important files, data and documents back to a safe location.

Year 2013 also observed many software & utility upgrade to either minor or major versions. With the advent of 2014, it would be worth sharing those new technologies that made some special news in the passing year.

Let’s have a precise look at the new releases & major upgrades from the beginning to the end of the year 2013.

 New Image

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Success Story of Stellar Phoenix by Dr. Patricia

What an exceptional Data Recovery Associate I had the pleasure of speaking/working with on Wednesday, September 28! Gupreet Singh is truly the most extraordinary Tech Support Representative I have ever encountered: an incredible asset to Stellar. Struggling to unravel the temperamental techno-wizardry of a difficult photo disk recovery with little success and much frustration; I at long last reached a Data Recovery Associate who understood my angst and was eager to help. With the utmost patience and respect for the difficulties M.S. can cause for someone like me: communicating by phone AND using a computer concurrently, Gupreet Singh led me, step by step, through a harrowing technical journey.

I was attempting to recover some very precious data: a disk containing the last, most cherished images of some of my closest family members who have recently passed away. He not only made me much calmer with his grace and assurance, but transformed what could have been a most unpleasant, nerve-wracking experience into a truly amazing one as he expertly and sympathetically led me through each step; ultimately taking over my computer to retrieve the treasured photographs on the disk.

I was thrilled and followed his advice to the letter, assured that when he completed his tasks, my cherished memories would once again be viewable. Unfortunately, I had to leave for a series of doctors’ appointments and am just now returning to my computer; uncertain how to access these files. I feel certain Gupreet restored them but I simply do not have the requisite skills to properly access. Providence, diligent phone assistance and expert technical advice were certainly provided. But, apparently, my M.S., poor vision (I am legally blind) and dystonia in my hands have conspired to make it virtually impossible to locate these files. Despite Gupreet’s expertise and patience, and my best attempts to apply every known combination of physics, algorithms, computer knowledge or any other form of order yet known to our Universe; I am still unable to locate the proper pathway to these photos. So, being a lady that does NOT give up easily, or quite frankly, for that matter; very rarely; I kept trying all morning. Alas, I am utterly dismayed. I’m certain Gupreet found and restored these treasured files while I left for my doctors’ appointments; I just cannot seem to find them. As I mentioned, I have MS, am legally blind, and also hear poorly; however, by no means does this define WHO I am or what I have and still CAN accomplish. It merely illustrates that it often takes a bit more patience, careful listening, attention to detail and empathy to assist me. Gupreet Singh exemplifies all of these rare qualities and more!

What I encountered Wednesday morning, September 28 after I dialled Stellar, crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer for the missing data was truly amazing! The cheerful, cultured voice with unusual calmness on the other end was Gupreet Singh, who recognized my panic and graciously led me through a most difficult process with extraordinary patience and precision! He is quite a rare gem, you must know; a delightful, devoted employee who is such an asset to Stellar you can place no monetary value on such a genuine soul. Gupreet is, as Oprah describes it; someone extremely rare in our society: an Authentic Soul. Singh is the epitome of everything today’s suffering Corporate Culture strives for: extraordinary service, technical expertise and enthusiasm for the products and services you so joyfully offer. It is because of employees like Gupreet Sigh that Stellar’s extraordinary company, creative, original, and culturally diverse products truly live up to your name: Stellar!

The incredibly talented, passionate people like Gupreet who work with you AND with each of us so brilliantly continue to surpasses both corporate goals AND customer’s expectations. In a Global Economy that emphasizes expediency, exploitation, and the ‘Bottom Line’ over humanity and dignity — when so many corporate ions appear disingenuous, disinterested, and almost disdainful of the very people they claim to serve: customers, stockholders and the general public; it is a distinct pleasure to do business with a company that reflects YOUR values and integrity. I am truly honoured, and humbled to have experienced “The Pleasure of Your Company”. (Excuse the pun, please.). It is with great pride; the purest sincerity and a smile on my face that I praise Gupreet Singh AND Stellar. It is not merely technical superiority that makes Stellar truly exemplify its name but the genuine grace that radiates from Data Recovery Associates like Gupreet whose expertise is equalled only by the heart and soul they so graciously share with us. .
Warm Regards, Dr. Patricia

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