Bring Your Windows 8.1 based PC Closer to You; Personalize Start Screen and Desktop Background Settings

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 (not a major version) to consumers within a year of releasing Windows 8 in order to overcome the flaws and some mystifying features as per the feedback received from the consumers across the world, and the upgrade was provided to consumers free of cost. Windows 8.1, luckily, is much better and is proved a stable release of Windows OS after the predecessor Windows 7.

In Windows 8.1, Microsoft brings you the most exciting features and customization abilities that let you make your Windows 8.1 based PC closer to you unlike before. Well, I am highlighting the personalization capabilities of Windows 8.1 that allow you make your PC more and more closer to look the way you ever wanted it to. Since I am pretty much into creativity world, I like to personalize my surroundings as per my likings; I do sketching, painting, and love to customize my room in a way that whenever I step into, it welcomes me like anything. It must look all the way mine and I always look forward to make things around me belong to me, then why not the PC! Windows 8.1 lets me do it in my own way and I really want to share it with all of you.

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5 Tweaks to Make your Windows 8.1 Based PC Less Strange

Microsoft Windows, not actually a single but a series of operating systems, has been the first priority of every computer user. In fact, Windows based computers are preferred even in corporate to carry out different tasks. In order to make user experience better and pleasant, Microsoft periodically releases various system updates, but we often ignore them as if they are worthless. Well, taking the discussion to an upper level lands me to the Windows platform that has been serving us for many decades, and it now is available in its most recent version, namely Windows 8.1 that is a successor to Windows 8 (released in October 2012).

windows 8.1

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Upgrade to Windows 8.1, Benefits the Features you have Ever Desired For

The day Microsoft announced Windows 8 be the successor in the series of Windows operating systems and given a product demo, consumers across the world got thrilled and had been waiting for it desperately. Well, its Tiled-based Start menu (not the Start button) was spotlighted as the major achievement of Microsoft and the same was introduced as the heart of this version of Windows.

As per the company official lain McDonald, Microsoft Windows Program Manager, over 100 million copies of Windows 8 were sold across the world, 70,000 plus apps are available in Windows store along with a download record of hundreds of millions (as reported), and a lot of feedback mails. Well, these statistics do show that Windows 8 has been successful as per Microsoft’s expectations. However, the feedback messages enlightened Microsoft about the way consumers look and use the product, and the word “feedback” was turned into “criticism”.

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How Worth it is to Upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8

Lately in June, Microsoft released the preview version of Windows 8.1, an advanced version of Windows 8. The new launch offers a lot more in terms of interface and functioning. Surprisingly, large improvements have been noticed in Windows 8.1 as compared to its predecessor Windows 8. Although Windows 8.1 is not perfect, yet Microsoft has managed to refresh users’ experience in a short time with the new development since Windows 8 was debuted late in October 2012. The firm has not yet announced the final release date of Windows 8.1, but it is supposed to be launched by this year-end.

Windows 8.1 logo

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Some Decent and Some Discouraging Features of Windows 8

Microsoft products have been dominating the computing world since the inception. Sky-high technology advancement has created an aura around the whole IT industry, for which Microsoft has taken all the lime light. As known to everyone, MS operating system series has always been coming up with extraordinary interface, features and functionality. Another agile development, Windows 8 again offers nifty attributes inclusive of Metro interface and several other interesting features. However, while users have a great experience, in the same span, unfortunately, some Windows 8 features disappoint them. Here, we’re shedding light on the most engaging features of Windows 8 as well as the ones that have not left magnetic impact on users.

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