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Uncovering the Mystery of ‘Delete Confirmation Dialog’ in Windows 8

The release of Windows 8 has seen mixed reaction from its users. With a number of new features under its belt (such as Windows Store, Microsoft account integration, enhanced support for multi-monitor configurations, native USB 3.0 support and more), the new operating system is already making waves in the software industry. However, users have

The Anatomy of RAID Failure & its Recovery

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) was developed to meet the three crucial challenges of modern data storage needs. Capacity Performance Fault tolerance or Redundancy

Are Windows 8 free from all data loss problems? Let’s See…

Windows 8, recently launched by Microsoft is a completely modern operating system with full of awesome features. The dynamic and innovative desktop design with metro start screen where you can arrange interactive apps and see the real time updates/information through them is one of the most amazing features in Windows 8. Minimal booting time,

Why you need Windows Data Recovery 5.0?

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recover (Pro) v5.0 facilitates more useful options for data recovery than its previous release (v4.2). Improved user interface, support for hard disks more than 2TB size, categorization of scanned files, tab view of recoverable files, and separate option for photo recovery are some features that provide a better data recovery

First RAID Data Recovery Software Launched by Stellar

After the invention of RAID, it has been possible to store huge volumes of business data across multiple hard disk drives. RAID not only helps in increasing the storage capacity, but also provides some sort of fault tolerance. However, there are still many occasions, when the data stored in the RAID array becomes inaccessible