Undelete Software – Effective Path to Recover Deleted Data

Nothing is more irritating than losing precious data and that too because of our own mistake i.e. by accidentally deleting them! Though accidental deletion is one of the prominent causes of data loss but very few of you must be aware of the fact that you can recover your permanently deleted data or data which is not even present in the ‘Recycle Bin’ of your computer. Yes, with the help of efficient third-party undelete software you can recover all your deleted data.

However, one precaution that you must observe in order to perform successful recovery is to stop using your affected computer until undelete software does its job completely. The reason is that any new data can overwrite the deleted data, minimizing the possibility of recovery. Let us see how.

The operating system of your computer maintains an index file that contains a list of locations of all the data stored on the hard disk. When any data is deleted, only its index entry gets deleted and the data remains at its location. Since a deleted data does not have its presence in the index file thus it becomes inaccessible by the OS and hence the OS marks its location as free to use. At such situation when new data is stored on the affected hard drive, it very likely occupies this location marked as free and hence condition of overwriting of data occurs. Once data is overwritten, it becomes unrecoverable even by the most efficient data recovery software. This is the reason why experts stress on observing this precaution before performing complete recovery through third-party software.

Therefore, you should not even install the third-party undelete software to your affected computer as this also can generate condition of overwriting. It is recommended to download the third-party software to computer other than your affected one and hence recover your deleted data to discard even the slightest possibility of data overwriting.

One of the awards winning software for this category is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. With the simple and easily understandable user interface of the software, you can recover your deleted or lost data from Windows OS based hard drives and other storage media. The software has very intuitive user interface that guides your throughout the data recovery process without requiring any need of an expert to make you understand its working.

For analyzing the software, you can download its free demo version. The demo version of the software provides only preview of all recoverable files or data. However, for recovering your data actually, you have to purchase the license of the software which bears a reasonable cost.

3 Responses to Undelete Software – Effective Path to Recover Deleted Data

  1. Ron Whitford says:

    Hi I had a Hard drive crash on my computer, and my computer man said he erased the hard drive,and so I was wondering if I can restore all my lost data mp3 and videos — Also If I install your software on this computer how do I connect the effected computer to this one to recover the files? Look forward to your reply asap

    • Hi Ron Whitford,

      Its will help us if you clear is your drive being erased by any data eraser software or it simply shift + deleted?

      In case of using data eraser software NO SOFTWARE avail to recover your data.

      You can simply attach your effected drive in to the working pc, software automatically detect all attached hard drives from the system.


  2. Linda says:

    formatting data is to erase data but if you format it, and then made no chgenas, there is possible way to recover them, just go to the nearest data recoverer center, and they could recover yours but if you do any other commands, like formatting again, or copy files on it I HAVE TO TELL YOU, I am very so sorry

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