CD DVD Data Recovery

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Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery

Safely recovers data from bad or damaged optical discs

Professional CD data recovery software that easily recovers lost or inaccessible data from all types of optical media, such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs (BDs), and HD DVDs. The software efficiently performs optical media recovery for discs burnt on Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac systems.

  • Recovers data from physically damaged or incorrectly burnt CD/DVD/BD/HD DVD
  • Performs recovery from Multi-session disc, Bootable disc, LightScribe disc, and Mixed Mode disc
  • Supports ISO 9660, Joliet, ISO 9660:1999, UDF, UDF Packet Writing, IFO/VOB Video, HFS and Rock Ridge file systems


Additional Utilities:

  • Media Image: Creates an identical image of the optical disc
  • Resume Recovery: Feature to perform recovery at a later stage using saved scan information or image of the media
  • Surface Scan: Facilitates RAW CD data recovery for severely damaged optical media


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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.

Features – DVD Data Recovery

This software performs a precise CD, DVD recovery in all instances of optical media corruption and allows you to salvage your crucial data stored on damaged or impaired optical discs.

CD File RecoveryCD File Recovery

The software performs a complete recovery of all your important documents, pictures, videos, backups files that are either accidentally deleted or have become inaccessible due to physical damage to the optical disc. You can choose to recover only one disc at a time.

Supports Various Packet Writing SoftwareSupports Various Packet Writing Software

Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery can recover lost or inaccessible data from a CD or DVD written with various third party Packet Writing software, such as ‘InCD’, ‘Drag To Disk’, ‘Direct CD’, and ‘DLA’.


Surface ScanSurface Scan

The software uses the ingenious signature search method to perform CD recovery from severely damaged media. You can manually add your desired file types for recovery while performing surface scan in raw mode.

Optical Media ImageOptical Media Image

This HD DVD recovery tool enables you to create an equivalent image file from your optical disc, having the same size and exact contents. The image created using the software serves as a disc backup and yields far better results than the normal recovery process.


Resume RecoveryResume Recovery

You can load an image file or previously saved scan information using the software and easily resume recovery from the last saved point. This advanced feature allows you to perform recovery in two stages.

Mask OptionMask Option

The software allows you to narrow down the scan result according to your needs using the 'Mask' option and performs a selective recovery of files. You can create a new tree structure based on several parameters, such as file type, match case, and file size.

File FilterFile Filter

This Blue Ray disc recovery tool enables you to recover files based on their extensions. You can add various file filters during the recovery process to include or exclude specific file types for saving.


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