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Stellar Insta Backup Gold

Windows data backup software to create backup of selected files, folders, volumes, and email databases

Professional Data Backup software that enables you to easily backup important files, folders, mails, volumes and program settings. The software allows different types of data backup, including Full backup, Differential backup and Incremental backup.

  • Performs full volume backup or backup of selected files and folders
  • Mounts/Unmounts backup image to access all backed up data
  • Creates identical clone of any volume or the entire hard disk
  • Creates a virus-free 'Secure Zone' for safely storing backup files
  • Prepares bootable 'Rescue disk' that can be used to restore the system in the event of a crash



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Features Data Backup Software

The Data Backup software provides a handful of advanced and user-friendly options to enable you perform all backup tasks at ease. With this eminent tool, you can conveniently perform backup of all your precious files, folders, volumes, etc. and even restore these backups at any desired location in the system.

Some salient features of this file backup software are described below:


Create Data Backup Create Data Backup

Facilitates backing up every piece of useful information present on your hard drive. You can safely create data backups of valuable files, folders, volumes, email databases, etc. in a considerably short span of time and also protect them from unauthorized access by applying password.

Restore BackupRestore Backup

This feature allows you to easily restore backup image files to the original location with the exact folder structure or to a completely new location. You can either perform restoration of the 'Full Backup image' or restore only 'specified files and folders'.




Schedule Backup ProcessSchedule Backup Process

With this advanced backup software, you can automate or schedule backup tasks to run at any later point of time. The utility allows you to schedule new backup tasks, or remove and manage existing tasks. You need to specify the frequency and type of backup operation to be performed.

Mount/Unmount WizardMount/Unmount Wizard

The file backup software mounts the backup image by creating a virtual drive on your hard disk. Hence, you can easily access all backed up data through the mounted virtual drive and explore its contents. You can unmount this drive any time using the 'Unmount' image wizard.


Secure Zone ManagerSecure Zone Manager

This is an immensely useful feature that helps you create an isolated, virus-free partition, known as 'Stellar Secure Zone' to safely keep the backup archive. Using this backup software, you can increase or decrease the size of the secure zone, permanently remove the secure zone, or even format it to store new data.

Press 'F10' to Access BackupPress 'F10' to Access Backup from Unbootable System

Even if your computers fails to boot, you can access the backups created using Stellar Insta Backup Gold just by pressing the 'F10' button at the start up. All your important data backed up remains unaffected in case of OS crash also. Just ensure to create the 'Stellar Secure Zone' before any such event of OS crash occurs.


Email Notification on BackupEmail Notification on Backup Completion

Setting the Email Notification enables the software to automatically send an email to the respective email ID on completion of the backup task.

Rescue Disk<Create Rescue Disk

The option of the data backup software allows creating a 'Rescue Disk' to enable you to boot the computer in case of an operating system crash. Using the rescue disk created by Stellar Insta Backup Gold, you can even restore your system via a previously created backup of the boot volume.


Hard Drive CloningHard Drive Cloning

Using this feature, you can create an exact replica of your hard drive or any other volume on the drive. While creating volume or drive clone, you need to specify the source and destination drive.

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