Hard Drive Monitoring Software

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Smart

Monitors and smartly warns against impending hard drive problems.

A Hard Drive Monitoring Software that continuously runs in the background and intelligently issues warning messages against hard disk problems by monitoring its performance as well as current health status.

  • Provides real-time information about various hard drive attributes and its fitness level
  • Allows scheduling automatic actions when the hard disk reaches a danger level
  • Displays bad sectors on the hard disk
  • Facilitates cloning of the hard drive for safe data backup
  • Detailed Log Report, saving every activity performed by Stellar SMART


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* You can avail the Demo version of this Hard Drive Monitoring Software for 30 days trial period.

Features Stellar SMART

This hard disk diagnostic software does not hamper the performance of your system and helps you prevent permanent loss of precious data following hard disk crash. Some of the key features of the software are as below:

Provides Standard Hard Disk InformationProvides Standard Hard Disk Information

Stellar Hard Disk Monitoring tool provides basic information as well as technical specifications about the hard disk. The 'Disk Information' section shows information, such as Model Number, Serial Number, Firmware Revision Number etc, where as the 'Advanced Information' section shows Total Sectors, Number of Cylinders, Number of Heads, Disk Size, Physical Buffer Size etc.

Shows SMART InformationShows SMART Information

This hard drive monitoring utility monitors various hard disk attributes continuously, shows their fitness level and issues warning message against impending drive failure. Some of the crucial hard disk attributes monitored by the SMART feature of the software include Spin Up Time, Write Error Count, Raw Read Error Rate, Temperature, Spin Retry Count etc.


Allows Scheduling of Hard Disk Status CheckAllows Scheduling of Hard Disk Status Check

The 'Scheduler' option of the hard disk monitoring software helps in configuring the time intervals in which the software will check for real-time health status of the hard disk. With the 'Time Scheduling' sub-option, you can set a time interval (Between 5 to 60 minutes) for disk checking. Similarly, the 'Log Scheduling' sub-option allows setting the number of log files (1 to 10) to be created.

Supports Warning Emails and Pop-up AlertsSupports Warning Emails and Pop-up Alerts

Stellar hard drive diagnostic software automatically sends warning emails and pop-up alerts, when the temperature of the hard disk reaches a critical point. The software allows you to set the temperature to send warning message, temperature to shut down and email IDs to send & receive warning emails.


Provides Temperature Fluctuation GraphProvides Temperature Fluctuation Graph

The hard drive monitoring software provides a graph that records every temperature fluctuation of the hard disk. In the graph, the green line represents the current hard disk temperature with its fluctuation over time, the yellow line represents the scheduled temperature to send warning message and the red one represents the scheduled temperature to shut down the system.

Shows CPU Usage and Data Transfer Rate GraphicallyShows CPU Usage and Data Transfer Rate Graphically

Under the 'Benchmark' tab of this hard drive diagnostic software, you can graphically see the hard disk data transfer rate and CPU Usage over time. The graph also displays the average data transfer rate of the hard disk in megabits per second over the stipulated time frame and the average CPU usage in percentage.


Displays Bad Sectors in Hard DiskDisplays Bad Sectors in Hard Disk

This hard disk monitoring software provides information regarding the bad blocks in your hard disk, which helps in taking appropriate action before troubles in the drive, resulting data loss. The software scans the hard disk and shows the bad blocks in red color, whereas the good blocks are marked green. It also shows the total disk space scanned and the amount that is bad.

Clones Selected Hard DriveClones Selected Hard Drive

Stellar Hard Drive Monitoring Software helps in making a clone of your hard drive by copying the content of the potentially fatal disk to a healthy one. While cloning, the software writes data from the beginning of the destination disk and leaves the extra amount untouched for your use. Note that the destination drive must have greater storage capacity than the source drive.

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* You can avail the Demo version of this Hard Drive Monitoring Software for 30 days trial period.




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data recoveryYou never know when any crashed is happen in your computer , this is happens to me more than twice resulting data lost, Two times I buy a data recovery software for my data and successfully recover all data but what is the alternative for data recovery software than I decide to buy Stellar Smart which gives me early warning for forthcoming hard drive problems which saves my data and money both. data recovery