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Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Disk Wipe

Permanently wipes data of the entire disk in just one go

A utility that erases hard drives in a single click, eliminating every possible chance of recovering data from it.

  • Wipes all private and confidential data from the selected hard drive permanently
  • Allows you to choose from a long list of standard wiping algorithms
  • Provides algorithms with maximum wiping standards – 35 passes
  • Runs from a boot CD - No need to install
  • Wipes hard drives, even with locked system files, like index.dat
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interfaces


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Features – Stellar Disk Wipe


This is complete disk eraser utility that helps removing confidential as well as unwanted data by wiping hard disks permanently. You can write the ISO image of the software in a CD and wipe data from your hard drive by booting from the CD itself. Some of the key features of this useful utility are as below:

Wipes Hard DriveWipes Hard Drive

The utility efficiently wipes all sensitive data from the hard drive and helps in preserving your privacy against any unauthorized access. With this utility, you can completely erase the entire selected hard drive, leaving absolutely no scope of data recovery.

Wipes Multiple Disks At-a-Time Wipes Multiple Disks At-a-Time

With this disk erasing utility, you can erase hard drives simultaneously. The utility allows you to select as many as four hard drives and erase data from them in a single step. Note that the specified wiping algorithm is applied to all the selected hard drives.


Wipes Removable MediaWipes Removable Media

Stellar Disk Wipe not only erases the hard drives, but also any other removable media connected to the system. The software also supports SCSI and successfully wipes all recognized storage media, connected through SCSI bus.

Fast & Secure Wiping Algorithms Fast & Secure Wiping Algorithms

The software allows you to wipe hard drives by choosing a suitable wiping algorithm from a list of 11 fast, secure and powerful wiping algorithms. Some of the standard wiping algorithms provided by the software include Zeros, Pseudo Random, US Army AR 380-19, Peter Gutmann, NATO Standard etc.


Provides Process Details during WipingProvides Process Details during Wiping

During wiping the hard disk, you can get an overall wiping detail of the process. The software interface shows various details, such as ‘Hard Disk Details’, Data Wiped (in MB), ‘Time Lapsed’, and ‘% of Data Wiped’. If there are multiple disks attached, the software displays wiping details of all of them.

Generates Log of the Entire Process Generates Log of the Entire Process

After erasing hard drive, this wiping utility creates a Log Report of the entire operation for future reference. The software allows saving this wipe certificate as an .html, .txt or .doc file to a removable media, with information including wiping date, disk size, model no., serial no., algorithm used, start time, end time, data wiped, and status.

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data recoveryThis is amazing. I used Stellar Wipe Professional for windows for the first time and found it a real gem. It wipes off every bit of data from the system. I would recommend it to all.data recovery

Allen Joe