Oracle Recovery

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery

Utility to recover inaccessible database objects by repairing corrupt Oracle databases, created in Oracle 9i, 10g or 11g

  • Performs Oracle database recovery by repairing corrupt .DBF file
  • Searches all Oracle databases, present in your system
  • Shows preview of recoverable database objects
  • Selective recovery of DBF file components
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003 and 2000


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Features – Stellar Oracle Database Recovery Software


Some of the key features of this software are described as below:


Generates Log of Recovery ProcessGenerates Log of Recovery Process

After successful completion of the repairing process, the DBF repair software generates a detailed Log Report of the entire recovery process. The Log Report contains various information, such as process start date, end date, time, records and objects recovered in the process. Importantly, the software allows you to save the Log report for any future reference.

Selectively Recovers Oracle Database ComponentsSelectively Recovers Oracle Database Components

The software allows recovering the entire Oracle database or any particular database object, selectively. You can recover selected objects by check-marking and repairing them from the database objects tree, generated after scanning.


'Find Items' Option to Search Objects in a Large Database 'Find Items' Option to Search Objects in a Large Database

The software provides a useful option, 'Find Items', which helps in locating any specific object easily. With this option, you can find out the required item for preview or recovery, even from a huge Oracle database.

Recovers Queries of Database Components in a Text FileRecovers Queries of Database Components in a Text File

Even if the Oracle database has been severely damaged and recovery is not possible, the software is able to recover the queries of views, procedures, triggers, functions, package, package body, and database links in text files.



Previews Database Components before RecoveryPreviews Database Components before Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery scans the corrupt DBF file and lists all the recoverable objects in a tree. You can select any component from the tree and see its preview in the right-hand side of the interface.

Note: The software shows the preview, even if your system does not have Oracle application installed on it. However, in order to recover the database, installation of Oracle application is required.

Oracle Database Objects & DBF File RecoveryOracle Database Objects & DBF File Recovery

The software has been designed to repair the inaccessible or damaged Oracle database file (.DBF) and thus helps in restoring the Tables, Tablespaces, Nested Object Types, Nested Tables, Nested Array Types, User Names (schemas), Materialized Views, Triggers, Roles, Various privileges for Roles, Indexes, Stored procedures, Clusters, User-defined functions, Queries of Database Links, Packages, Package Body etc.



Recovery of Selected Oracle DatabaseRecovery of Selected Oracle Database

The software provides a useful 'Search Database' option, with which you can find all the Oracle database files in your system. This feature of the software helps in distinguishing the searched database files by showing their creation date, modification date and time along side the database names.

Recovers XML Content from Oracle DatabaseRecovers XML Content from Oracle Database

The advanced software is in gear with the new Oracle XML DB feature and supports recovery of all XML data in your Oracle database. It can easily recover columns in tables and views with XMLType data type. It can also recover XML Schemas used for validating data types of an XML file.


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