SCO UnixWare Data Recovery Software

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Product Spec

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SCO UnixWare Data Recovery Software

Recovers lost or deleted data from UFS and VxFS based drives/volumes.

Professional SCO UnixWare Data Recovery Software that easily recovers your lost files, folders, directories, or volumes from corrupt or inaccessible UFS and VxFS based hard disks.

  • Facilitates SCO UnixWare recovery on Windows platform
  • Recovers files and folders with attributes
  • Searches for logical volumes on your physical disk
  • Shows the list of recoverable files in tree view
  • Performs selective SCO recovery based on file types


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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.

Features SCO UnixWare Data Recovery Software


This VxFS data recovery software is equipped to safely recover data from all UFS and VxFS drives having corrupt superblocks or a corrupt LVM (Logical Volume Manager). Let us quickly summarize some of the salient features of this tool:

Performs Reliable SCO UnixWare RecoveryPerforms Reliable SCO UnixWare Recovery

The software analyses the drive data structures and file system attributes to facilitate a more close and reliable Unix data recovery. It retrieves drive information from the partition table and then thoroughly scans the logical drive to search for all your lost files and folders.

Searches for Lost Files and FoldersSearches for Lost Files and Folders

The SCO recovery tool scans your logical drive using non-destructive mechanisms and displays the exact hierarchical list of files and folders as on the drive. If some of your files are still missing from the tree structure, you can use the 'Search Lost Files and Folders' option to locate these missing files.


Performs Selective Recovery Through File FiltersPerforms Selective Recovery Through File Filters

This SCO UnixWare Data Recovery software saves your extraneous effort and time when you only need to recover some specific files from the drive. You can use the 'File Filter' option to include and exclude file extensions for recovery. The software saves only the selected file types to the specified destination.

Masks Files Based on User-Defined CriteriaMasks Files Based on User-Defined Criteria

Using this SCO UnixWare Data Recovery software, you can easily mask files in the list of recoverable files shown by the scanning process. This enables you to trim down the tree structure and create a new tree containing only the desired files to be recovered. You can provide different criteria, such as file type, size, and date.


Option to Find Files after ScanningOption to Find Files after Scanning

The software gives you the choice to find files in the tree structure displayed after the completion of scan. To do this, click 'Find' on the 'Tools' menu and specify a part of the filename. You can use wild cards (such as '*.doc') and also select 'Match Case' to perform a case-sensitive search.

Save Recovered Data to any LocationSave Recovered Data to any Location

The SCO UnixWare Data Recovery software provides various options to save recovered files and folders. You can click 'Recover All' on the tool bar to save all files and folders in the selected drive or choose 'Recover Selected Files' to perform selective file or folder recovery. You have the choice to save recovered data to another hard disk, any network drive, an attached USB drive, or an attached ZIP drive.

Selective Files and Folders RecoverySelective Files and Folders Recovery

The software allows you to manually select files and folders for recovery. To selectively recover files, you can choose 'Recover Selected Files' on the 'File' menu or click the 'Recover Selected Files' icon on the tool bar.

Saves Scan Information for Later RecoverySaves Scan Information for Later Recovery

The VxFS data recovery software incorporates a 'Save Scan' feature that allows saving your scan information as a '.DAT' file in the system. You can use this file to resume the data recovery process through the software at any desired point in time.

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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.




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