Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software

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Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix
Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software

Recovers lost data from any UNIX system with Sun-Solaris Operating System.

A Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software that recovers your lost, missing, and inaccessible files from any UFS file system based Sun Solaris-Intel hard drive.

  • Recovers lost data from UFS-UNIX volumes on a Windows system
  • Recovers data from completely deleted volumes
  • Provides preview of all recoverable files
  • Works with Solaris Intel as well as Solaris Sparc platforms
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000


Included Free Utilities:

  • Drive Imaging Creates image of hard drive, volume, or selected region
  • Clone Disk Creates sector by sector clone of the selected hard drive
  • Drive Status Provides real-time information about the health status of the hard drive
  • Scan Disk Shows the bad sectors in the hard disk


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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software by providing the preview of all recoverable files

Features Stellar Sun Solaris Data Recovery


Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris is a UNIX data recovery software recovers your lost data from any Solaris based hard drive on Windows system (no need of any Sun Solaris machine). Below listed are some of the prominent features of the software:

Quick RecoveryQuick Recovery

With the 'Quick Recovery' option of the software, you can recover all the inaccessible data from any corrupt or damaged UFS volume. This method is remarkably fast in its data recovery approach, but allows recovery of lost data from only one volume or image file at a time.

Advance RecoveryAdvance Recovery

The 'Advance Recovery' option of this Sun data recovery software helps recovering all your lost, deleted, and inaccessible data. The recovery process takes longer time than Quick Recovery, but performs an extensive search to recover almost all data from the selected volume.


Deleted Volume RecoveryDeleted Volume Recovery

The software provides an innovative option to search all your UFS file system based volumes deleted from the system. The software allows recovering data from any deleted volume, found during the process by performing Quick Recovery or Advance Recovery method.

Resume Recovery from Saved Scan Information or ImageResume Recovery from Saved Scan Information or Image

Stellar Solaris Intel Data Recovery Software allows you to recover data from any previously saved scan information or image file of the media. There is no need to rescan the media; just load the image file with scan information of recovered data, select the files and folders from the list, and save them to any desired location.


Narrows Scan Result with 'Mask' OptionNarrows Scan Result with 'Mask' Option

Use the 'Mask' option of the software to narrow down the search result by showing only the required file types. With this option, the software generates a new tree of recoverable files by applying various mask criteria (File of type, Size from (KB) and Date) on the scan result.

'Find' Option Helps Selective Recovery'Find' Option Helps Selective Recovery

With the 'Find' option of this Sun Solaris data recovery software, you can search specific files from the scan result and perform selective recovery. This is very useful to find required files by their Created Date, Last Access Date, Last Modified Date, and Size. While searching files by string, you can press 'F3' from keyboard to find the next file.


Saves Selected Files Using 'Filter' OptionSaves Selected Files Using 'Filter' Option

The software provides the 'Filter' option that helps in saving only your required files. With this option, you can apply various filters on the scan result and recover files on the basis of specified file extensions. The software allows saving files by including, excluding, and removing different file basis.

Saves Recovered Files to Desired Location Saves Recovered Files to Desired Location

This Sun data recovery software allows saving your recovered files to any storage media, which is recognized by the host operating system. With the software, you can recover and save the files onto your local hard drive, another secondary hard drive, ZIP drive, USB drive, or any FTP server.


Allows Compressing Recovered FilesAllows Compressing Recovered Files

The software provides a useful option to save the recovered files as a compressed ZIP folder. With its 'Create compressed file' option, the software allows compressing each file individually or compressing all files into one single ZIP folder. Note that the compression option works only while saving files onto local disk.


Bonus Tools Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Recovery provides some pretty useful options as bonus tools that can help preventing your precious data from loss or inaccessibility.


Drive ImagingDrive Imaging

The 'Drive Imaging' option of the Solaris Intel data recovery software allows you to create image of your hard drive, volumes, or any specified region of the drive. The saved image file of the media can help in restoring your lost data, in case of data loss or inaccessibility.

Drive CloningDisk Cloning

The software provides an immensely useful option, 'Cloning', which allows creating an exact sector-by-sector clone of your hard disk. Having a clone copy of your hard disk, you can easily continue your on-going works, even if your source drive fails.


Drive Status Drive Status

With the 'Drive Status' option of the software, you can get various information regarding your hard disk, such as model number, size, serial number, firmware revision number, status, and SMART feature. The SMART feature constantly monitors the health of your hard drive and gives warning messages against impending failures.

Scan DiskScan Disk

Stellar Sun Solaris Data Recovery provides another interesting option to find out the bad sectors in your hard disk. The 'Scan Disk' option of the software allows scanning the hard disk for bad sectors and shows the bad blocks in red color, if there are any. Based on this information, you can take corrective actions and plan data backup, in advance.



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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software by providing the preview of all recoverable files


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