Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery

Repairs and recovers damaged MS Entourage 'Database' files

An Entourage database repair tool that easily repairs corrupt 'Database' files of MS Entourage to recover all your inaccessible emails, attachments, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes.

  • Recovers damaged objects of MS Entourage 'Database' file
  • Displays preview of Entourage data before saving
  • Creates log report of Entourage recovery process
  • Supports MS Entourage 2008 and 2004
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, and 10.4 Tiger


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File Size:9.30 MB

* Free download of the product allows you to preview all the recoverable mail items. To save those items, you need to purchase the software.

Features Entourage Database Repair

The Entourage repair software enables you to secure your vital Entourage data from any type of corruption in your Database file. Mentioned below are a few salient features of this tool:


Fast MS Entourage RepairFast MS Entourage Repair

The software scans your Entourage 'Database' files efficiently to help you recover from critical cases of corruption; including hardware failures, application conflicts, Mac OS bugs, bad sectors on the hard disk, etc. With this tool, you can repair and restore your Mails, Attachments, Address Book Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Calendar.

Preview of 'Database' File ItemsPreview of 'Database' File Items

The software displays preview of all recoverable items in your Database in a three-pane Entourage-like structure after the scanning of the corrupt database. The functionality adds to a good user experience by giving you the choice to verify Entourage data prior to saving.


Interactive and User-friendly GUIInteractive and User-friendly GUI

The software performs repair of the corrupt Entourage 'Database' in an environment resembling the host application. The interface is easy to use and embeds various options to help you perform a quick and effortless Entourage recovery in all cases of 'Database' file corruption.

Saving Recovered Entourage DataSaving Recovered Entourage Data

Using this competent tool, you can save all your recovered data in an Entourage archive ('.rge') file, which can be easily imported into MS Entourage. The file is saved as 'Main Identity.rge' at a user-specified location in the system. It contains all your email messages, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, etc.


Saving Entourage Repair LogSaving Entourage Repair Log

TThe software generates a log report that gives complete details of the Entourage repair process, such as total time takes, destination path of the repaired file, etc. You can save this log as a text file at any desired location of your choice.


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* Free download of the product allows you to preview all the recoverable mail items. To save those items, you need to purchase the software.



Does, the demo version allows to preview recovered Entourage objects, such as e-mail messages,
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