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Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix FAT Data Recovery

Recovers lost files as well as volumes from any FAT file system based Windows computer

A FAT data recovery software that efficiently recovers all your lost or deleted documents, emails, videos, pictures etc from any FAT file system based volumes.

  • Finds previously existed volumes and recovers data from them
  • Supports recovery from internal/external hard drives and other optical media
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000


Included Free Utilities:

  • Drive Cloning – Utility creates replica of the hard drive
  • Drive Imaging – Creates images of the hard drive
  • Raw Recovery - Recovers files from severely damaged hard drive
  • Drive Status - Scans hard drive in the background to display SMART attributes





This FAT partition recovery software helps Windows users to recover their important files data or volumes lost due to deletion, formatting. Below listed are some of the prominent features of the software:


Quick Recovery iconQuick Recovery

With this 'Quick Recovery' option, the software provides a fast and efficient method to recover your lost data. The option allows you to select and recover lost data from any FAT file system based partition or removable media.

Note: 'Quick Recovery' only allows recovering data from FAT file system based volumes.

FAT File Recovery iconFAT File Recovery

This FAT file recovery software is able to recover all your documents, photos and other multimedia files, which have been accidentally or intentionally deleted from the system. The software provides two powerful scanning methods ('Quick Scan' and 'Deep Scan') to recover your deleted files from any internal hard drive or external media.


Formatted FAT Drive Recovery iconFormatted FAT Drive Recovery

The software provides an innovative option to recover your precious data, which has been lost due to formatting of the storage media. This option of the software only allows recovering data from FAT file system based Windows partitions or the NTFS partitions, which were FAT partitions earlier.

Lost/Deleted Volume Recovery iconLost/Deleted Volume Recovery

Stellar Phoenix FAT Data Recovery provides an immensely advanced option to recover all your previously existed partitions, which have been either lost or deleted from the system. The software finds all lost volumes in the hard drive and facilitates recovering data. You can choose data recovery methods from – ‘Quick Recovery’, ‘Deleted File Recovery’, and ‘Formatted/Lost File & Folder Recovery’.


Filter Option to Scan Specific File Types


This FAT recovery software allows searching for only the specified file types by setting filters. The software provides options to customize the file scanning process by including, excluding and removing file types with the help of filters.


Narrow Scan Result Using Masking iconNarrow Scan Result Using Masking

With the 'Mask' option, the software allows you to narrow-down the scan result. After completion of the scanning process, you can apply various masking options on the scan result to generate a new tree, consisting of only those file types you need. The masking options provided by the software include - File of type, Size from (KB) and Date.

Preview All Recoverable Files iconPreview All Recoverable Files

Once the scanning process completes, this FAT file recovery software shows the preview of all recoverable files in the selected volume. With this feature of the software, you can ensure the recovery capability of the software by previewing all recoverable files, before actual recovery.


Selective File Recovery Using 'Find' Option iconSelective File Recovery Using 'Find' Option

The software provides an option, 'Find' with which you can list your required files from the list of recoverable files and perform selective recovery. Apart from this, the software gives another advanced option to refine your search by specifying file size and date (last accessed or last modified).

Resume Recovery from Scan Information or Saved Image iconResume Recovery from Scan Information or Saved Image

Stellar Phoenix FAT Data Recovery software allows you to resume the data recovery process at your desired time. You can load any previously saved scan information or image file of the drive to continue the recovery operation, without starting from the scratch each time.


Raw Recovery iconRaw Recovery

The software provides a highly advanced option, 'Raw Recovery', which helps in retrieving lost data from internal hard drives, external drives, optical medias (CD, DVD) or any FAT file system based volume. This innovative option allows you to specify file types (Add, Edit, Remove file types) in the beginning of the scanning operation and helps recovering required files efficiently.


Bonus Tools – Along with the above offerings, Stellar Phoenix FAT Data Recovery software has few more useful utilities as bonus tools, which can be worthy assets of a lifetime.

Imaging iconImaging

With the 'Imaging' utility of this FAT recovery software, you can create image (.img) of any selected volume or media. The .img file, created in this process can be used in performing 'Resume Recovery' at any later time.

Cloning iconCloning

The 'Cloning' utility of the software makes an exact replica of your storage media and helps in restoring lost or inaccessible data, in case the source media encounters any problem. The clone of your hard drive can be useful in continuing important works, even if the source drive fails.

Drive Status iconDrive Status

With the 'Drive Status' option, this FAT partition recovery software constantly monitors various parameters of the hard disk and warns you against any impending drive failure. Various information shown in the Drive Status box includes – serial number, model number, size, status, temperature, S.M.A.R.T feature and firmware revision number of connected hard drives.

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* Free Download provides free evaluation of the software by showing preview of all lost files and folders, which can be recovered by the software.




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