Stellar Drive Defrag

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Drive Defrag

Mac Defrag tool helps improve data access speed and system performance by defragging Mac files on hard drive including the Boot volume

Professional Mac Defrag software, which searches for all scattered fragments of data on a Mac volume and effectively organizes them to occupy contiguous storage locations for improved data access speed and optimal performance.

  • Optimizes the free space in a hard drive into contiguous memory space   Free
  • Impressive option to apply colors to similar blocks while defragmentation   Free
  • Can monitor the temperature fluctuation of the drive while defragmentation   Free
  • Compatible with the latest OS X Mavericks


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* Enhanced with free features, such as optimization of free spaces, apply color schema for similar data blocks, and monitoring of drive temperature. To use the additional features like full defragment of drive/volume you need to purchase the product.



Stellar Drive Defrag has dedicated algorithms to logically group all scattered pieces of large data files present on your Mac hard drive and store them in contiguous segments on the drive. Some salient features of the software are illustrated below:


Free Features

Free Space OptimizationFree Space Optimization

Uses an efficient algorithm to examine portions of free space available on your hard drive and keep them at a single place to avoid fragmentation. This would in fact reduce the disk head movement and lead to a significant increase of your performance.

Impressive Color Legend for Free Space & Selected FilesImpressive Color Legend for Free Space & Selected Files

The software enables applying similar color scheme to memory blocks under similar category during the process. You can change the color scheme as per your suitability that would help to plan defragment of your Mac hard drive better.


Graphical View of the Drive TemperatureGraphical View of the Drive Temperature

The temperature of the drive selected for defragmentation can rise during the process. Now the software shows the temperature of the drive in a temperature scale so that you can take necessary steps when the temperature is about to cross the threshold level.


Additional Features


Defrag Mac FilesDefrag Mac Files

Collects logically related pieces of scattered data on your drive and allocates them neighboring or nearby locations to reduce fragmentation and make data access easier and smoother. You can either defrag a single file or perform defragmentation of multiple files simultaneously.

Full DefragmentationFull Defragmentation

This defrag software accurately determines the space allocation on your hard drive and then smoothly defrags everything present on the drive, including files, metadata, and unused space. The software categorizes the disk space into various attributes, such as Allocation, Overflow, Catalog, Attribute, Fragmented, Data, and Unused Space.


Metadata DefragmentationMetadata Defragmentation

The Mac Defrag software defrags all metadata files present in your system, including catalog, allocation, extent overflow, and attribute files. Metadata defragmentation paves the way for a much faster access to the file information.

Quick DefragmentationQuick Defragmentation

The software accomplishes quick defragmentation by allowing you to defrag all fragmented files in your Mac volume. This eliminates the need for full defragmentation of the Mac hard drive or volume.


Bootable DVDBootable DVD

Enables you to create a bootable Mac DVD, which can be effectively used to boot your Mac machine and perform defragmentation of the boot volume of your system. If you are using 'Mavericks', you need to download the bootable image ('.dmg' file) and then burn it to a DVD to defrag the bootable partition.

Block-Level Representation of Hard Drive VolumesBlock-Level Representation of Hard Drive Volumes

The software displays the entire hard drive as a group of individual blocks in layout view. These blocks are colored by examining the extent of information of the associated drive area and usually represent three types of files, i.e. ‘fragmented files’, ‘normal files’, and ‘free space’. You can choose the color of blocks according to your preferences. You can also view the current temperature of your hard drive in the left pane.


Option to View Path of File in a BlockOption to View Path of File in a Block

The software smartly displays the path of a file when you place the mouse cursor over a specific memory block. If you click on a particular block, the file occupying that block will be shown as highlighted in the 'Files' view. This feature enables you to quickly identify and trace all fragmented files on your hard drive.

Option to Send Email NotificationsOption to Send Email Notifications

The software allows sending email notifications after completion of the defragmentation task. You can select 'Preferences' on the 'StellarDriveDefrag' menu and specify the email ids to receive task completion notifications.

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* Facilitates downloading Free Trial version of the software, which shows allocation of the disk space into various levels (Allocation, Overflow, Catalog, Attribute, Fragmented, Data, Unused space), and displays files of the selected Mac hard drive/volume. In order to defrag/optimize the drive/volume, you need to purchase the product.



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