Stellar Drive Monitor

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Drive Monitor

Robust application to monitor Mac hard disk status

Professional Mac System Monitoring software that constantly administers and checks different parameters of your hard disk against their threshold values to examine the overall health status of the disk at any given point in time

  • Regularly monitors disk activity and displays its fitness level
  • Extensive 'Surface scan' to detect bad sectors on your hard disk
  • Option to view and email drive/volume performance report
  • Gives Temperature warnings to warn you of impending disk failures
  • Supports backups of data on available disk partitions


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* Free Download enables you to access all features of the software excluding Drive Performance and Backup for only a period of 30 days. After that, you need to purchase Full version of the software.

Features Stellar Drive Monitor

This System Monitor for Mac utility verifies all possible parameters of disk reliability to make sure you have enough time for backing up crucial files before a disaster strikes. Mentioned below are some salient features offered by the software:


S.M.A.R.T. StatusS.M.A.R.T. Status

The software has the ability to read SMART attributes to perform an overall health assessment of your hard disk. You can check individual disk parameters to determine when a risk of failure lurks in your system. The tool can display SMART information for all internal hard disks.


Displays Real-Time Disk InformationDisplays Real-Time Disk Information

The software automates the process of hard disk health monitoring. This Drive Monitor Mac utility is designed to smartly run behind the scenes and take control of the disk activity. If the disk parameters deviate from their threshold values or a problem surfaces, it gives warning messages. You can manually verify the disk information by navigating to the software shortcut on your System Tray


General Description of Disk/VolumeGeneral Description of Disk/Volume

The System Monitoring software gives you a summarized report of the disk analysis performed in the background. It displays general information about your hard disk or individual partitions on this disk, including drive title, size, free space, SMART Status, and more. You can choose to save this report as a text file in your system.

Surface Scan to Detect Bad SectorsSurface Scan to Detect Bad Sectors

The software goes through a detailed block-level scanning of the hard disk to scout out bad sectors by marking them with a distinct color. By default, all the bad sectors on your disk will display as 'red' in color. You can change this color scheme according to your convenience to easily identify sector corruption on the disk.


Option to Set Desired PreferencesOption to Set Desired Preferences

This System Monitor for Mac software is a great advantage to those who want the tool to function in accordance with their requirements. You can set desired preferences in the software (such as temperature warning limit, startup option, system shutdown) to make sure you are well aware of the current state of your hard disk at any given point.

Measures Disk/Volume PerformanceMeasures Disk/Volume Performance

The software incorporates a feature 'Drive Performance' to allow checking the performance levels of any selected disk or volume by the process of sequential read/write or sustained read/write. You can see the minimum, average, or maximum performance levels using a bar graph, line graph, or Raw data representation.

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* Free Download enables you to access all features of the software excluding Drive Performance and Backup for only a period of 30 days. After that, you need to purchase Full version of the software.



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