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Stellar Drive Tool Box

A comprehensive pack of useful tools to manage and optimize your Mac

Stellar Drive ToolBox is an all-in-one, trustworthy application that helps getting your Mac hard drives in top shape by featuring optimization, protection, sanitization, repair, and management capabilities.

  • Super speeds your Mac by optimizing Mac performance with SpeedUp Mac
  • Improves Mac performance by defragging and optimizing Mac drives
  • Searches large or duplicate files in Mac using Smart Finder
  • Monitors hard drive's health and compares performance with benchmarks
  • Easy-to-use Smart Mac Care for scheduling drive maintenance tasks
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*Free Download allows you to analyze and evaluate all features of the software. To use the product for optimizing your Mac, you need to purchase its Full version.

The software is a multi-purpose toolbox to optimize Mac performance and resolve all issues encountered with Mac volumes. Mentioned below are some salient features of this application:

SpeedUp Mac icon

SpeedUp Mac

‘SpeedUp Mac’ powers your Mac by providing significant enhancements to its performance. You can count on this application when you need a huge performance bump for your system. The module provides easy-to-use speedup options, such as removing Caches, Logs, Large Files, Duplicate Files, Language Files, Universal Binaries, applications, widgets, and plug-ins.

Drive Clone  icon

Drive Clone

‘Drive Clone’ module enables you to infallibly clone Mac drives and volumes and secure your digital content against data disasters. The tool is workable for all Mac and Windows hard drives, as it supports MBR partition map scheme. With extended support for ExFAT file system; this module is a cinch to use with any ExFAT-formatted drives or to clone any NTFS-based drive to an ExFAT-formatted drive in Lion.

Wipe icon


Stellar Mac ToolBox helps you wipe out all pieces of confidential information on your Mac. With this tool, you can do a fine-grained wiping by choosing specific files and folders, or wipe a complete drive at once. The software can also perform non-invasive wiping to remove System traces, Internet activity, Instant Messaging, Recent File Histories, and more.

Partition Manager  icon

Partition Manager

The software simplifies partition management on Mac, making it easier to organize your data and partitions as required. The tool has the inherent ability to carry out risk-free partitioning operations, including Add Partition, Delete Partition, Format Partition, Resize Partition, and Hide or Reveal Partitions. ‘Partition Manager’ also supports FAT, along with HFS and HFS+.

Drive Defrag  icon

Drive Defrag

The ‘Drive Defrag’ module improves your ability to work faster with your Mac by providing secure and easy-to-use options for disk defragmentation. You can defrag selected files, metadata, unused space, or entire hard drive. You can also see block-level representation of the drive in 'layout view' where the blocks are colored depending on the level of fragmentation in the region.

Drive Initialize  icon

Drive Initialize

The software saves your time and effort when it comes to preparing and initializing your raw Mac hard drives. This toolbox for Mac ensures you have no difficulties in erasing your drive and creating a new HFS+ or FAT 32 partition. You can select the desired partition map scheme (GUID/Apple Partition Map/MBR) as the need be or choose convert your Intel hard drive to Apple partitions and vice versa.

Volume Repair  icon

Volume Repair

With the ‘Volume Repair’ module, you can troubleshoot and repair Volume errors on Mac. You can easily put this application to resolve problems with your hard drive, repair corrupt volumes, or repair permissions of the boot volumes on Mac. The 'Rebuild' option does verification and repair of your file system in a single operation.

Raw Data Editor icon

Raw Data Editor

Raw Data Editor is a handy tool for those who need to make changes to the file structure of their hard drive. Mac experts can take advantage of this option to fix minor corruption in the file system or rectify errors. You can edit the hex values (if you know the offset value of a file) and resolve different corruption errors.

Shield icon


‘Shield’ ensures expeditious recovery of your deleted files and directories. You can schedule the application to take snapshot or image of your hard drive at any convenient time, and then use the same backup image to recover accidentally deleted files. When the tool creates an image, it overwrites the existing image.

Drive Monitor icon

Drive Monitor

Drive Monitor automates the process of monitoring SMART parameters of your hard drive and carries out every process behind the scenes without affecting the user activity. It issues warnings when these parameters rise above their thresholds. With this module, you can detect bad sectors on the drive and prepare a performance chart of the disk.

Smart Finder icon

Smart Finder

With Smart Finder, you can explore your Mac to search for large files and folders, and save long hours of unnecessary wandering in the system. The software displays the content of your hard drive in a unique graphical representation depicting each file or directory by the percentage amount of space it acquires on the drive. You can perform suitable actions and even search for duplicates in your system.

Smart Mac Care icon

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is a single place where you can schedule different modules of the software to run at a convenient point of time. It helps you to schedule SpeedUp Mac, Drive Monitor, Wipe, Volume Repair and Shield features of Stellar Drive ToolBox. It is a one-point interface where you can protect your Mac, improve its performance, and monitor the hard disk temperature.

Data Encryptor  icon

Data Encryptor

Data Encryptor adds a layer of security to your data and helps you protect your confidential files from prying eyes. You can choose a standard encryption algorithm and the software uses this encryption to secure your digital content. You can encrypt selected files and folders.

Benchmark icon


Benchmark helps to evaluate the performance of your Mac hard drives by calculating data transfer rates between the drives and memory. The software benchmarks hard drives and volumes by comparing their performance with the stored results of other systems. The performance results are depicted by a graph that helps you evaluate the efficiency of your system.


download buy now

* Free Download allows you to analyze and evaluate all features of the software. To use the product for optimizing your Mac, you need to purchase its Full version.


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  • What is the difference between the options - SpeedUp Now and Clean My Mac?

    With the 'Clean My Mac' option of SpeedUp Mac software, you can speed-up your Mac system by removing the unwanted files and folders, whereas the 'SpeedUp Now' option allows you to optimize the entire Mac hard drive, including the boot volume.

  • Do the bad sectors also come in the cloned hard drive?

    No, while cloning, Stellar Drive Clone utility automatically skips the bad sectors on the source hard drive and thus makes the cloned hard drive a healthy one

  • How optimization of Mac HD differs from defragmentation?

    Optimization process separates the data and frees the space in the drive by placing all the data at one place. With the Partition Manager module of the software, you can optimally optimize the space of your Mac hard drive. However, the defragmentation process helps in arranging file in contiguous memory locations.

  • What is the functionality of the 'Rollback' option in Partition Manager?

    The 'Rollback' option in this Mac toolbox software allows you to undo your last selection, before initiating the process. For example, if you have selected a volume to format, but later decided not to proceed, then you can rollback the selection. But, note that once the operation gets started, it cannot be rolled-back.

  • What is the benefit behind wiping free space?

    Even after deletion of files or formatting of media, the content of the lost files remain in the storage media and thus the files can be retrieved by some data recovery software. Hence, if you have deleted any confidential as yet unwanted data, by wiping free space helps in erase the deleted files completely, beyond the scope of recovery.

  • Can the files hidden by Stellar Data Encryptor be made unhide, using any other software?

    No. Stellar Data Encryptor uses highly advanced techniques to protect your confidential data and can neither be decrypted nor be made unhide by using any other software, except Stellar Data Encryptor itself.

  • Which modules of Stellar Drive ToolBox should I run to improve Mac's performance?

    The ‘SpeedUp Mac’ & ‘Drive Defrag’ modules of Stellar Drive ToolBox are fantastic to improve the performance of a slow Mac.

    Run SpeedUp Mac module to remove unwanted caches, logs, large files, duplicate files, language files, applications, widgets, and plug-ins from your system.

    Run Drive Defrag module to defragment files, metadata, unused space, or entire hard drive.

    After performing these tasks, you will see a noticeable improvement in your system performance.

  • How do defragmentation and optimization differ?

    Defragmentation is the process of reducing file system fragmentation on a storage device. It rearranges fragments of large files that are scattered all over the drive, and places them in contiguous memory locations to optimize data reads/writes.

    On the contrary, Optimization is the process of reorganizing chunks of free space scattered all over the hard drive. It combines lumps of free space left unused on the hard drive to improve performance.

  • Does the 'Drive Defrag' module of the software work for USB drives, and external disk drives?

    Yes, the 'Drive Defrag' module of Stellar Drive ToolBox supports any type of removable media, including USB drives, and external disk drives.

  • How can search for specific files and folders from my Mac hard drive using this software?

    You can use 'Smart Finder' module to find the desired files, folders, and directories in your system. You can look up in the Sunburst chart to search for the desired files and perform various operations on these files. Smart Finder also allows you to search and remove duplicates from your Mac.

  • When I use Stellar Drive Clone module of this tool, does it clone bad or damaged sectors of the drive?

    No, Stellar Drive Clone does not include bad or damaged sectors during the clone process. It automatically skips these sectors for preparing a healthy clone of your drive.

  • Is data shredded with 'Wipe' utility recoverable at some later point?

    No, The Wipe module of Stellar Drive ToolBox uses tested wiping algorithm so that data once shredded is never recovered.

  • While resizing my partition, the power supply to Mac was interrupted. Now I have lost all my data. What should I do?

    This seems an accidental case of data loss. For 100% recovery of all lost data, go for a partition recovery tool, such as Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery and get all your data back.

    Partitioning is time intensive process. It is advisable before planning for hard drive partitioning, backup all your data. In Addition, you must ensure uninterrupted power supply is in place, while doing hard drive partitioning.

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