Novell Data Recovery (NWFS)

Product specs
Product spec

Stellar Phoenix Novell Data Recovery (NWFS)

Recovers lost or deleted data from NetWare partitions

Professional Novell Data recovery software that safely recovers data from crashed or corrupt NWFS based hard drives of Novell NetWare servers and clients. The software supports Novell NetWare 3.1 and later versions.

  • Effectively recovers lost data from NWFS (NetWare File System) based volumes
  • Facilitates NWFS Data recovery when inbuilt NetWare utility 'VRepair' fails
  • Recovers data from segmented NetWare volumes
  • Recovers data from segmented NetWare volumes


Additional Utilities:

  • Disk Imaging: Creates image of a specific region of the drive or the entire hard drive
  • Save Scan: Saves your scan information for recovery at a later stage


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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.

Features – Novell Data Recovery Software


The software performs complete recovery of data from hard drives installed on any configuration of Novel NetWare server and helps you resolve some of the major disk corruption problems encountered in the NetWare environment. Let us have a glance at some salient features of this Data Recovery Novell utility:


Efficient NWFS Data RecoveryEfficient NWFS Data Recovery

The software performs close recovery of your precious data in the event of a NetWare server disk failure or when critical file system data structures get damaged due to software malfunction, hardware errors, and other similar reasons.

Recovery from Sub-allocated Data VolumesRecovery from Sub-allocated Data Volumes

Sub-allocated volumes differ from regular Novel volumes as they contain files having same or identical ending disk blocks. Sub-allocation is used to create a virtual volume containing all 'Under-allocated' sectors of different files. The software recovers data from these sub-allocated volumes effectively.


Recovery of Compressed filesRecovery of Compressed files

The NetWare server (version 4.x and later) automatically compresses infrequently used files to save disk space. You can easily recover these files by marking them as 'compressed' using the software and then attaching the hard disk back to the server.

Searching NetWare VolumesSearching NetWare Volumes

This Novel Data Recovery tool provides two options to search your NetWare volumes: 'Search NetWare Partition' and 'Search Volume Table'. The first option performs a fast scan to find all partitions present on your hard disk, whereas the latter facilitates a more advanced and in-depth scan to achieve greater chances of discovery.


Preview of Recovered FilesPreview of Recovered Files

The software provides you preview of all recovered data immediately after the completion of scan process. You can select the desired file and click 'Preview' icon on the tool bar. You can also choose to rename the selected file.

Applying FilterApplying Filter

You can apply filters after the scanning process to perform a selective recovery of files based on the file extensions. This feature enables you to include, exclude, or remove files of specific extension from the scan output and recover only the desired file types.


Option to MaskOption to Mask

The software allows you to narrow your scan results and trim down the tree structure by applying masks. You can set a File Mask based on several parameters, including file type, match case, size, and data.

Option to Find Files from the Scan ListOption to Find Files from the Scan List

After the scanning process is complete, you can search for specific files from the list of all recovered files. You can also use the advanced find option to search files based on ‘Last Access Date’, ‘Last Modified Date’, ‘Created Date’, and on the basis of the file ‘Size’.


Saving Scan InformationSaving Scan Information

The software gives you the choice to save your scan result as a '.dat' file in the system. With the help of this feature, you can resume recovery at any convenient time using the saved '.dat' file. This saves your time and effort required to rescan the same disk or volume for recovery.

Saving Recovered DataSaving Recovered Data

This data recovery Novell tool offers different options to save the recovered data. You have the choice to either save all recovered files to any local hard disk or restore them to an FTP server. You can also save your recovered files as a compressed (.zip) file and choose to include or exclude deleted files and folders.


Disk ImagingDisk Imaging

This NWFS Data Recovery tool is equipped with a powerful feature that allows you to create image of your local hard disk, attached hard disk, or any NetWare partition. The image created by the software can be used to recover data when your media develops bad sectors and crashes.

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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.

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