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Stellar Phoenix Access Password Recovery

Accurately retrieves the exact password to open your MS Access database

Professional Access password recovery software that easily recovers lost or forgotten passwords set to any MDB or ACCDB file created with MS Access 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and 97.

  • Precisely and efficiently recovers Access password
  • Advanced masking techniques to narrow down the password search time
  • Password recovery using Brute-force Attack technique
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000
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This Access database password recovery tool provides you with a multitude of choices to easily crack down your lost Access password using the most efficient recovery procedure. Some salient features of the software are:

Searches MS Access Databases  icon

Searches MS Access Databases

The software incorporates a 'Search File' feature to find all MDB and ACCDB files in your system. This saves considerable time when you need to browse through each folder in your drive to locate the password-protected file.

Option to Set Password Length  icon

Option to Set Password Length

With the help of this Access password recovery tool, you can specify the number of characters in your lost password by providing the minimum and maximum password length. The software searches within this range to quickly get close to the exact match.

'Masking' Option to Minimize Search Time icon

'Masking' Option to Minimize Search Time

The tool uses advanced masking techniques to facilitate smooth access database password recovery. You can either provide a few starting characters of your password or mask unknown characters in the password with a '?'.

Option to Filter 'Character Set' icon

Option to Filter 'Character Set'

The advanced password recovery software allows you to define the character set to be used for the password search process. You can choose from the list of all printable characters and achieve inexplicable results in the least possible time.

Brute-Force Attack Technique icon

Brute-Force Attack Technique

The software recovers MDB password by following a Brute-force Attack mechanism to try out every possible character combination. The recovery time varies depending on the complexity of the Access password.

Saves Access Password in Text File icon

Saves Access Password in Text File

Using this password recovery tool, you can instantly preview the recovered password after completion of the password search process. The software also gives you the choice to save the recovered Access password in a text file at any desired location for further reference.

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  • How competent is this software in recovering the password? How much time does it take to recover
    the password?

    This software recovers the lost password on every occasion. The time required, however, depends on the length and the options provided to recognize the password. For this, you should use the password options to track the password faster.

  • Can I add more words in the dictionary to recover the password?

    No, you cannot add any words in the dictionary.

  • Can I replace my own dictionary with the existing dictionary in the application?

    No, you cannot add your own dictionary or modify the existing one in the application.

  • I have run the software to recover my password but it has failed. Now, what should I do?

    If you have not got your password, then try to be more specific by modifying the masking options.

  • The process to recover the password seems to be very long. Is there any option to pause the process
    and resume from the same state?

    No, you would have to start the process from the very beginning the next time you start. This feature is not currently available in the application.

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