Office Password Recovery

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Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix Office Password Recovery

Easily recovers lost or forgotten passwords of MS Office (Word/PowerPoint/Excel) files

Professional Office password recovery software that quickly and efficiently recovers 'Password To Open' and 'Password To Modify' set to an MS Office file.

  • Recovers MS Office passwords - 'Password To Open' and 'Password To Modify'
  • Uses Brute-Force attack for accurate password recovery
  • Facilitates masking to minimize the recovery time
  • Maintains dynamic dictionary containing all recovered Office passwords




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Features Stellar Phoenix Office Password Recovery


This password recovery tool offers you a glut of choices to effortlessly recover or crack down any complex password applied to your MS Office documents within the shortest time interval. Mentioned below are some of the exclusive features of this utility:

Recovers 'Password To Open' and 'Password To Modify' Recovers 'Password To Open' and 'Password To Modify'

The software helps you retrieve both 'Password To Open' and 'Password To Modify' applied to a single MS Office file simultaneously. The Office password recovery time varies depending on the complexity of the password and the search criteria set by you.

Option to Specify Password LengthOption to Specify Password Length

The feature enables you to specify a possible range of length of your Office password. The software recovers MS Office password by trying out various character combinations for the specified length.


Option to Mask Password CharactersOption to Mask Password Characters

This password recovery software delivers the best performance using highly efficient masking techniques. The software considerably reduces the password search time by allowing you to specify a few staring characters of the password or mask the unknown characters with '?'.

Option to Define Character SetOption to Define Character Set

The software enables you to select a finite character set to be used for MS Office password recovery. You can choose from a list of all printable characters, including special characters, numeric characters, space, etc.


Displays Dynamic Process Dialog Box Displays Dynamic Process Dialog Box

The software performs fast and reliable recovery of Office password by executing Brute-Force attack. It shows you a dynamic process dialog that displays the overall process status and provides other information, such as recovery speed, expected completion time, etc.

Log Report of the Recovery ProcessLog Report of the Recovery Process

The software generates a detail log of the entire process and activities executed during recovery. You can save the log report as a Text File at any location for later reference.



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