Powerpoint Password Recovery

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Password Recovery

Recovers the Lost or Forgotten password of your MS PowerPoint presentation file

A PowerPoint password recovery software that successfully recovers the forgotten or lost password of your important PowerPoint documents.

  • Recovers the 'Password to Open' as well as 'Password to Modify' the PPT file
  • With Brute Force Attack technique, ensures 100% successful recovery
  • Helps minimizing the search time with the option for building password character set
  • Recovers password of any document created in MS PowerPoint 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000
  • Fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000




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Features PowerPoint Password Recovery Software


This PPT password recovery software incorporates many efficient options to narrow down the search criteria and successfully recovers lost PowerPoint passwords. Some of the major features of the software are as below:

PPT Password RecoveryPPT Password Recovery

The software helps you recover both 'Password to Open' and 'Password to Modify' for the selected MS PowerPoint file. The software has the most advanced techniques to recover your lost passwords, irrespective of their length as well as complexity.

Brute Force Attack Guarantees Successful RecoveryBrute Force Attack Guarantees Successful Recovery

Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Password Recovery incorporates the highly efficient Brute Force Attack technique, which guarantees 100% recovery of the completely forgotten/lost password of your important PowerPoint presentations.


Masking Option Triggers Fast RecoveryMasking Option Triggers Fast Recovery

The software allows you to mask the forgotten characters of the PPT password with an exclamation symbol ('?'). With this option, the software searches for only the masked positions and recovers PowerPoint passwords quickly.

Narrows-Down Search by Building Characters Set Narrows-Down Search by Building Characters Set

The software provides an innovative option to build a password character set to narrow-down the search criteria. With this option, you can select the exact characters of your PPT password from a list of character sets, such as numeric, printable, special characters, lower/upper case letters, special characters, and space.


Option to Set Password Length Minimizes Search TimeOption to Set Password Length Minimizes Search Time

Stellar PowerPoint Password Recovery gives another useful option to minimize the time required for password search process by specifying the possible length of your lost password. Here, you can specify the minimum and maximum character length of your PPT password.

Dynamic Process Dialog Gives Idea about Recovery TimeDynamic Process Dialog Gives Idea about Recovery Time

While performing Brute Force Attack, the software shows a dynamic process dialog box that updates on various information regarding the completion of the process. From the dynamic process dialog box of the PPT password recovery software, you can get to know the process start time; current character set used for attack, and expected time for process completion.


Log Report for Future Process Analysis Log Report for Future Process Analysis

On completion of the password recovery process, the software creates a Log Report, containing various information of the entire recovery operation. The detailed information in the log report can help you analyze the current recovery process and recover PowerPoint passwords more effectively in future.

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