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Stellar Phoenix Word Password Recovery

Recovers your Lost or forgotten MS Word password with 100% accuracy

This Word password recovery utility is efficient enough to accurately recover the forgotten or lost password of your important Microsoft Word document.

  • Recovers both 'Password to Open' and 'Password to Modify' the document
  • Ensures guaranteed recovery by applying Brute Force Attack technique
  • Key masking option helps finding the correct password quickly
  • Recovers Word password from MS Word 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP and 2000
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Internally, this Microsoft Word password recovery software matches words and characters with the actually set password and retrieves it from the file efficiently. Moreover, the software stores the recovered passwords in its internal dictionary and recovers very quickly the next time it searches the password for the same Word document. Some of the prominent features of the utility are as below:

Doc Password Recovery  icon

Doc Password Recovery

The software efficiently recovers both 'Password to Open' as well as 'Password to Modify' for the selected Microsoft Word document. Though the time taken to recover the lost passwords depends upon their complexity, the software incorporates advanced techniques to recover them successfully.

Brute Force Attack for 100% Guaranteed Recovery  icon

Brute Force Attack for 100% Guaranteed Recovery

With innovative search techniques, like 'Brute Force Attack', Stellar Word Password Recovery software guarantees the recovery of lost/forgotten passwords of your inaccessible MS Word document, irrespective of their complexity or length.

Masking Option for Quick Recovery  icon

Masking Option for Quick Recovery

The software provides option to mask the forgotten characters in your Word password with a '?' symbol. This enables the software to search only for those forgotten characters rather than the entire password and helps in recovering MS Word password much quicker.

Builds Characters Set to Narrow-Down Search icon

Builds Characters Set to Narrow-Down Search

The software helps to narrow-down the password search process by providing option to define the character sets, which may have constituted the Word password. The software allows selecting from a wide list of character sets, including printable, numeric, special characters, space, and lower/upper case letters.

Allows Specifying Password Length  icon

Allows Specifying Password Length

Stellar Word Password Recovery allows you to specify the possible length of the Word password, which indeed makes the recovery process much easier and faster. If you remember the password length, you can help recovering Word password by setting the minimum and maximum range of your password.

Dynamic Process Dialog Indicating Recovery Process  icon

Dynamic Process Dialog Indicating Recovery Process

While recovering MS Word password using Brute Force Attack technique, the software provides a dynamic process dialog box that is an exact indicator of the recovery process. The dynamic process dialog box provides various information regarding the recovery process, including process start time, expected time for process completion, current character set used for attack etc.

Log Report to Analyze Process in Future  icon

Log Report to Analyze Process in Future

At the completion of the Word password recovery process, the software generates a detailed Log Report of the entire recovery operation, including the process and activities, performed by the user as well as the application. The Log contains every detail from the starting of the recovery operation till the end and helps in analyzing the process any time in future.

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  • How much time it will take to recover the password and what is the chance of successful recovery?

    Successful MS Word password recovery is an absolute guaranty. However, the time taken to recover Word password depends upon the length and complexity of the set password. Stellar Phoenix Word Password Recovery provides advanced masking options to optimize the recovery process.

  • Can I be able to add new words to the existing dictionary, which is used to recover Word passwords?

    No, there is no option to add words to the existing dictionary.

  • The recovery process couldn't recover my password. What shall I do now?

    Just try varying the settings to match the character set and the masking options, you will be able to get the password.

  • The software shows very long time duration to recover Word password. Can I pause the process and
    carry on from the same point later?

    No, the current version of the software does not provide such facility.

  • My set password is of one character length; however, the software is searching for a five character
    length password. Why so?

    In the settings, the maximum character length of password has been set to five characters. Just change it to one.

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