Create image and recover data from hard drive with bad sectors and blocks using SPWDR Pro?


Yes, you can do this by first imaging your hard drive and then using 'Resume Recovery' feature to recommence recovery after loading the image file. 

To use the 'Resume Recovery' feature of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, follow the given steps:

 Run the software. On the main screen, select the 'Recovery from Image' tab. 

 The next screen shows you a list of recently created disk images or saved scan information files. If you cannot locate the desired image in this list, click 'Browse' to select the file manually.

 The 'Select Volume to Recover Data' section will show all the volumes contained in the selected image. Select any volume in this list for recovery.

 Choose any of the options provided on the flying pane and perform data recovery. 

You can also start recovery immediately after the creation of disk image using this software. To do this, you need to click 'Scan Now' after completion of the imaging process. 


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Migs Isip
January 25, 2014 11:25 pm

Hi! I've already created an image file from a previous scan result, but whenever i try to reload that image, it does not show up in the 'select scan information / drive image to continue pane'. please help me out. :(

Amit Pandey
January 27, 2014 08:04 am

Dear Migs,

Sorry for the inconvenience!!

I'd recommend you to kindly uninstall the program and reinstall back again using administrator credentials. After successful re-installation, try to load that image again.

Hope it helps!!

September 12, 2014 05:25 pm

I had done a full scan of my external hard disk. I saved the image of the scan. Now, few days later, when I open the scan information file, I can see the directory structure. The files also are recovered. But, the recovered files do not contain any information, and the viewer says that the file is damaged. Can someone explain how to get rid of this and obtain the correct undamaged file.

Amit Pandey
September 18, 2014 03:24 am

Dear Amar,

Could you navigate to the location where you had previously saved the 'Scan Information File' and check their size and other attributes. This is to ensure the image file isn't corrupted or damaged. Any existing virus / malware or system update of your computer might caused this.

If you can't able to recover files intact from the created image, I'm afraid that you've to rerun the scan of your external hard disk. Hopefully, you may now able to recover files that is accessible and working properly.

Would glad to address any more queries.

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