How to recover the corrupt/inaccessible Exchange mailboxes, using this software?


Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the widely used email servers. Many large as well as middle level organizations rely on the Exchange Servers for their entire business related on-line communications. But, at time because of improper server shut down, dirty shut-down or any other hardware problem, the Exchange Server database gets corrupt and the mailboxes in it becomes completely inaccessible.

In such conditions, you can take the help of Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery to repair the damaged Exchange database file and restore the precious mailboxes back. After repairing the corrupt EDB file, the software recovers the, mailboxes as an easily imported PST file, which can be directly accessed through the Outlook application.

Stellar Exchange Server Recovery is completely risk free in its EDB recovery process and recovers your inaccessible Exchange mailboxes in few easy steps. Below steps will give you a clear idea on the same:

How to Recover Inaccessible Exchange Server Mailboxes:

Run Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software.
  If you know the location of the corrupt EDB file, then select the same by clicking the 'Open EDB File' button.
If you don't know the exact location of the EDB file, click the 'Find EDB File' button, specify the drive from the drop-down list or click 'Select Folder' and click 'Start'. This will list all the EDB files in the selected location, from which you can choose the required one for recovery.
After selecting the corrupt EDB file, select the appropriate Exchange Server from the section, 'Select Server Type'.
The 'Select Scan Mode' dialog box opens, asking for choosing the required scan mode. Select the scan mode and click 'OK'.

Note: You can choose the 'Quick Scan' for a faster scanning process. If 'Quick Scan' does not provide the desired results or you think so, you can choose the 'Extensive Scan' option.

Click the 'Start' button to begin the scanning process.
After completion of the scanning operation, all the recoverable mailboxes with the mail folders will appear in a three-pane window.

Note: The left pane lists all the recoverable mail folders. The right-top pane shows all the items in the selected folder and the right-bottom pane shows the content of the selected mail item in the upper pane.

From the left pane of the window, choose all or any particular mailbox and click the 'Save Mailboxes' icon from the tool bar, specify the destination folder and click 'OK'.
On completion of the saving process, the 'Mailbox Recovered Successfully' message will appear. The recovered mailbox will be saved as an Outlook-importable PST file.


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January 9, 2014 05:26 pm

In the DEMO version, some emails do not show up in the preview pane. Before I purchase this software, I would like to know why.

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