How to Resolve 'Format error: not a PDF or corrupted' Error of PDF File


A common error message that most of the PDF users encounter when they try to open their PDF file is:

"Format error: not a PDF or corrupted"

However, PDF or Portable Document Format file is one of the highly used file formats for sharing data over the web and transferring information via the network, it often gets corrupt and displays an error message as above. Sometimes, the above error message is seen when your PDF file is downloaded improperly or there are some issues with the browser. Whatever the cause is, the result is the same, i.e. you are unable to access your PDF file.
Some of the common reasons why this error message occurs or why your PDF file gets corrupt are:

Interrupted Internet connection
Troubled browser
By default corrupt PDF file


You can try any of the below mentioned tips to resolve the problem encountered with your PDF file:

The first and the foremost resolution to overcome such issues with PDF file is to download this file for one more time, and then try to open this newly downloaded file.

If the problem is not resolved by downloading and it is related to the Internet connection, then try to resolve this problem or switch to some other network that does not have such interruption issues. After that, download your PDF file for one more time.

If the issue is not related to troubled Internet connection or the above resolution does not solve your problem, then try to clear the browser's cache and temporary Internet files. After that, download your PDF file for one more time, and then open it. However, if this too does not resolve the issue, then change the browser.

If your problem is still unresolved, then go to 'Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs >>' and right-click on the PDF file. After that, click 'Change' and it will repair your PDF file.

However, if none of the above-mentioned resolutions is able to do any needful to you, then use of professional PDF recovery software is recommended. Professional PDF recovery tools repair your corrupt PDF file without causing data loss.
Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery is one such utility that repairs your PDF file without causing data loss and without altering the original content of your file. The simple user interface of this software makes it possible for you to repair your corrupt PDF file by yourself without any difficulty.


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