How can I restore a lost or deleted volume through Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery software?


Accidental deletion of hard drive partition is not very common, but Windows users at times come across this. If you are also one of those, then you need not panic as Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery software is the solution for you. The partition recovery tool allows you to search for all lost or deleted volumes and lets you recover the data on these volumes.

Mentioned below are the steps to recover lost or deleted hard drive volumes:

Run 'Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery' software. Click 'Drive Recovery' under 'Data Recovery' tab.

Click the 'Click Here to Search Lost Volumes' drop-down link below the 'Drive Recovery' module. 'Select Hard Drive to Search Lost Volumes' section is displayed.

In this section (i.e. 'Select Hard Drive to Search Lost Volumes'), all the hard drives in your system are listed. These drives are listed with their detailed description. Select the drive that you want to scan for deleted or lost volumes.

There are two options available for scanning your hard drive on the flying pane. You can select either of the two. The brief description of these scan types are:

Quick Scan: If you want to perform fast scanning of your selected hard drive, then select this option.

Deep Scan: This is more effective scanning procedure than quick scan; however, it consumes more time.

After selecting the scanning type, click 'Search Lost Volume' button on the flying pane. The software starts the scanning for all lost or deleted volumes on this selected hard drive. However, you can minimize the window of the application through the minimize button.

All the found volumes will be listed under 'Select Volume to Recover Data' section. Next, you can click any 'found lost volume' for recovering data from this volume.

With the help of these simple steps of the software, you can perform the recovery of your deleted or lost hard drive volumes.


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4 User Comments

November 26, 2013 05:44 am

I can not found any hard drive name in Select Hard drive search lost volume option.

Abhay Mishra
November 28, 2013 02:47 am

Hello Debnath,

Welcome to Stellar Support.

It would be great if you could answer to few questions as it’ll help us in providing better and accurate solution.

Are you able to see hard drive in file explorer Window as you normally do?
Try replacing connective media or use different USB ports and then restart the software again. If all goes well, the hard drive will be listed in the targeted data recovery option.

If you’re facing problem particularly with this option, try using different hard drive and see if this time you might able to see it. If yes, your hard drive is probably gone damaged and needs to be repaired.

Good luck in advance!!

August 1, 2014 09:18 am

Is it necessary to have it scan an entire hard drive before recovery? I had an issue with my Drobo Pro where one of the volumes are corrupt and I can't access it now. It was set up as a 16TB volume. From my rough calculations it would take over a week straight just to complete a scan. I was able to run a test quick scan with data recovery and I cancelled it after about 30 minutes of scanning. It showed the entire folder tree and data that was available.


Amit Pandey
August 4, 2014 03:38 am

Hello AL,

You can separately run scan for any individual volume by going to Drive Recovery > select any of the listed partitions. Quick scan is relatively faster than any other recovery methods but useful if you don't have time to thoroughly scans the problem media or volume.

For better results, I'd recommend to select your desired volume and let the software scans it. Make sure that you've enough power supply/backup plan for uninterrupted scanning of a day or two.

Post back if you need any more assistance!!

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