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Stellar Active Directory Manager

Easily manages the Microsoft's Active Directory Services

Stellar Active Directory Manager helps to ease the daunting task of managing the Active Directory services from a centralized location. The tool efficiently manages the objects in the domain network by overcoming the complexities involved with Active Directory Domain Services. It comes with many inbuilt features, which supports bulk operations on user account and generates report based on them. In addition, it also allows you to run queries on the Active Directory.

  • Support for various operations on User's, Group, and Saved Query.
  • Manages all Active Directory account creation & modification processes.
  • Manages Account and Audit policies on target computers.
  • Supports remote management of various resources and devices.
  • Schedules Events and Tasks on target computers.
  • Assigns User Rights to computers.

Stellar Active Directory Manager is a highly secured and authentic software which simplifies the Active Directory management. It comes with a complete set of Active Directory management tools, which helps the administrators and Active Directory managers to efficiently manage the Active Directory.

Computer Management icon

Computer Management

It allows easy management of computers in bulk, as the software allows the administrator to manage multiple computers simultaneously. This helps in overcoming the shortcomings of managing one computer at a time by the native Active Directory tools. It allows you to manage computers in the current domain or any remote domain from a centralised location. You can perform various tasks like enable, disable, move computers, and add computers.

The Key features of Computer Management are:

Create New Computer

Single Computer Properties

Single Computer Management

Bulk Computer Management

User Management icon

User Management

The Stellar Active Directory Manager is an efficient tool to easily manage a large number of users in any organisations. It allows you to manage single as well as multiple users simultaneously. In addition, it allows you to create, modify, and configure attributes of a user. Moreover, you can create a template with standard user attribute values and import it while creating user accounts.

Some of the common Active Directory management functions that can be performed quickly and consistently include the following:

Create New User

Single User Properties

Single User Management

Bulk Computer Management

Group Management icon

Group Management

The tool simplifies the job of managing a group. An administrator can perform all groups related operations like configuring groups and assigning various group attributes from a centralized console. The Stellar Active Directory Manager has a dedicated feature for Group Management, which easily create and modify groups by adding or removing bulk users.

The two important aspects of Group Management are:

Create New Group

Bulk Group Management

Organization Unit Management icon

Organization Unit Management

Organizational Unit Management is an important part of the Active Directory system. Containers or Organizational Units (OUs) are used to implement objects as logical business units in Windows Active Directory. The tool displays all the user-defined and inbuilt OUs of the Container/OUs. This can be done by expanding the Containers/OUs node in the left tree panel. You can further expand the inbuilt OUs to display logically grouped AD Objects. As an administrator you can set permissions and create containers for logical grouping.

Some of the important aspects of OU Management are:

Creating Organizational Unit

Container Properties

Managing Containers

Query Management icon

Query Management

Active Directory Manager supports a flexible search engine that is used to retrieve and display Active Directory information. You can use the Query Management option to retrieve information from All Users, All Groups objects and also from any of the containers. You can create new queries with custom filters. The new queries are saved and displayed in the left panel under the corresponding containers.

You can perform the following set of operations:

Create a New Query

Export a Query File

Import a Query File

View a Query

Delete a Query

Report Generation icon

Report Generation

The Active Directory Manager provides you with a number of report to work on. There are various types of reports meant for different purposes. You can use the reports to assess and analyze the user account, groups, OUs & GPOs, printers, contacts, event logs and other details of your Active Directory. In addition, it addresses all the operations that are performed through the Stellar Active Directory Manager. The tool generates a highly specialized report module, which helps in generating advanced reports on all the objects and accounts in all the networks and containers in the organization.

Some of the reports offered by the Stellar Active Directory Manager are mentioned below.

User Reports

Group Reports

OU and GPO Reports

NTFS Reports

Exchange Reports

Computer Reports

Contact Reports

Printer Reports

Event Log Reports


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  • What is an Active Directory?

    Active Directory is a directory service provided by Microsoft to manage objects in a domain network. An Object represents various resources in Active Directory where each object can be assigned certain attributes, which characterize the object. For example, a user can be considered as an object with attributes such as First Name, Last Name, Phone Number etc.

  • Is managing a domain different from managing an OU?

    Yes. In Active Directory, each domain is responsible for storing and updating its own group of objects like computers, users, and devices. In addition, it is responsible for authenticating access to all resources in the domain. On the other hand objects held within the domain collectively comprise the organization's Active Directory. OUs provides a structure to a domain and ease the administration process.

  • Does the software supports bulk operation on user account?

    Yes. The software enables bulk operation on objects (Security Principals and Resources).

  • Can I generate reports using this software?

    Yes. The Stellar Active Directory Manager provides you with a number of reports to work on. You can generate User Reports, Group Reports, NTFS Reports, Exchange Reports, Computer Reports, etc.

  • What are the basic requirements to install this software?

    Systems with Windows 8/7/VIsta/Xp and Windows Server 2008/2003 can easily be used to install this software. In addition, it requires a minimum of 1 GB free space. It can be installed on systems with either a 32 bit or a 64 bit processor.

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