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Stellar Phoenix Registry manager

Removes incorrect registry and application traces from your Windows system

A registry cleaner Windows software that scans your Microsoft Windows based system for incorrect registry entries, junk files, Internet cookies and removes them with ease.

  • Efficiently cleans the invalid registry entries, junk files and Internet cookies that get piled on to make your system sluggish
  • Smart PC Care option to manage Windows registry in a single go
  • Takes back-up of the registry before cleaning up and facilitates rollback if any problem happens
  • Optimizes the physical memory (RAM) of the system to use maximum CPU resources
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000
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Features – Windows Registry Cleaner

Fix Windows Registry icon

Fix Windows Registry

Stellar Phoenix Registry Manager is an immensely useful utility for all Windows users to maintain their PC with optimum performance by removing unwanted files and registry entries. The software helps users in freeing up disk space, wiping sensitive data and optimizing system performance in simple steps.

Smart PC Care in One Single Step  icon

Smart PC Care in One Single Step

For the non-technical Windows users, Stellar Registry Manager Software provides a one-step smart PC care solution. With this option, you can clean invalid registry entries, junk files, and Internet activities from the selected drive of your system in just one single step.

Cleans Up Registry and Unwanted Junks icon

Cleans Up Registry and Unwanted Junks

This registry cleaner Windows software provides three distinguished sub-options to clean unnecessary files from the system as per your requirements – ‘Clean Registry’, ‘Clean Junk Files’, and ‘Clean Internet Activity’. These options remove unwanted files efficiently and help in speeding up your Windows system.

Optimizes Physical Memory icon

Optimizes Physical Memory

In order to combat the sluggish system problem and improve its performance, Stellar Registry Manager Software gives you an innovative option to optimize the physical memory of the system. The software allows freeing up RAM space along with a mark to highlight the maximum limit for safe memory optimization.

Wipes Sensitive yet Unwanted Files  icon

Wipes Sensitive yet Unwanted Files

With this registry cleaner Windows tool, you can completely erase all unwanted data from the system hard drive, beyond the scope of data recovery. The software permanently wipes sensitive files and folders; and helps protecting your privacy from unauthorized data recovery

Back-up and Restore Windows Registries  icon

Back-up and Restore Windows Registries

The software helps managing Windows registry by taking back-up of the registry entries (keys & values) and restoring them, when required. Before performing any registry cleanup process, the software allows backing up current registry entries.

Scheduler to Clean Registries at a Defined Time icon

Scheduler to Clean Registries at a Defined Time

Stellar Registry Manager provides option to schedule various registry cleanup activities at a specified time automatically. With this option of the software, you can manage Windows registries at the desired time, without any further intervention.

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  • What are junk files? Why should they be removed?

    The junk files are the temporary files that are created during the normal functioning of the operating system and/or other applications. These files are usually not required by the system. So, these must be removed to make room for important files and to optimize the system.

  • What is the Smart PC Care feature?

    The Smart PC Care feature is a combined option that performs multiple cleaning tasks with a single click. Using this feature, you can clean invalid registry entries, junk files, and Internet cookies from your system.

  • I have used the software to remove unwanted registry entries. But the system is displaying
    frequent registry-related error messages after using the product. What should I do to fix this problem?

    In such case, you should restore the registry from the backup. The software automatically creates backup of the registry entries during the clean-up process.

    You need to perform the following steps to restore the registry entries:

    Run Stellar Phoenix Registry Manager 2.0

    Click the 'Backup & Restore' tab. The tab is further expanded.

    Click the 'Restore Registry' tab. The list of all the registry backups is displayed, if any..

    Select the restore point to revert the registry settings.

    Click the 'Restore' button to replace the registry entries with the selected backup.

  • What should I do to wipe the unused space in my system?

    To wipe off the unused space in a drive or from multiple drives, you should perform the following steps:

    Launch Stellar Phoenix Registry Manager 2.0.

    Click the 'Security & Privacy' tab.

    Click the 'Wipe Unused Space' tab. The list of drives with the respective amount of unused space is displayed.

    Select the drive from which you want to wipe off the unused space.

    Click the 'Wipe' button to wipe the unused space.

  • What are junk files? Can this software optimize the RAM of my system? If yes, then how?

    Yes, this software can efficiently optimize the RAM using the following steps:

    Run Stellar Phoenix Registry Manager 2.0.

    Click the 'Optimize' tab.

    Click the 'Optimize Memory' tab. The statistics of the RAM and memory usage are displayed.

    Click the 'Optimize' button to optimize the RAM. For better results, you can use the Memory Control slider to define the optimization level.


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