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Stellar Phoenix Zip Recovery

Efficiently repairs ZIP files created in WinZip 5.0 to 12.1 versions

Professional ZIP recovery software to extract valuable user data from corrupt or severely damaged ZIP files

  • Repairs damaged ZIP files in any instance of ZIP file corruption
  • Facilitates ZIP repair for large ZIP files as big as 800 MB in size
  • Performs recovery for password protected ZIP files of WinZIP 5.0 to 8.0
  • Saves recovered data in compressed format
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT
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This ZIP recovery tool effectively repairs all sub-types of ZIP files, easily overcoming all the problems of data integrity and CRC errors in the ZIP archive. Let us take a peek into some of the remarkable features of this utility:

Easy and Comprehensive ZIP Repair icon

Easy and Comprehensive ZIP Repair

The software performs absolute recovery of all ZIP archives that have become corrupt due to virus attacks, bad sectors on the disk, incomplete downloads, incompatible compression, etc. This helps you prevent the risk of possible catastrophic data loss.

Repairs Password protected ZIP Files icon

Repairs Password protected ZIP Files

The software smoothly bypasses password-protection in a ZIP file to extract all your important archived data. It can safely recover data from password-protected ZIP files created in WinZIP 5.0 to 8.0.

Recovery for Large ZIP Files icon

Recovery for Large ZIP Files

The software resolves all your problems encountered while opening or uncompressing large ZIP files by doing a robust ZIP repair. It extensively scans the entire file to retrieve all inaccessible information from the corrupt ZIP archive. The software supports repairing large ZIP files up to 800 MB.

Shows List of Recovered Files icon

Shows List of Recovered Files

This ZIP recovery software displays the list of all the files in a Windows-based tree structure after scanning. The left pane shows all the recovered ZIP folders. When you select a folder in the left pane, all files in that folder are listed in the right pane.

Selective File Saving Option icon

Selective File Saving Option

The software enables saving selective files from the list of all repaired files in a Zip folder. You can check mark only those files from the folder which you want to save in the default destination folder or other location of your choice.

Saves Recovered Data in Compressed File icon

Saves Recovered Data in Compressed File

The software quickly repairs ZIP file and gives you the choice to save the recovered file as a compressed file or an uncompressed file at any desired location in the system.


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* Free Download is demo download of the product and offers preview of all the recoverable Zip files using the software.


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  • I have run the demo and can see the preview correctly in the ZIP Repair software window. Do I need to rescan the corrupted file ?

    The demo version of the software is just to show you the possibility of the recovery. If you are satisfied with the demo then you can purchase the full version software can repair the corrupted file with the full version software.

  • How much time the ZIP Repair software will take to repair the file ?

    The scanning time depends upon the corruption level and size of the file. If the process is running that means that the software is still scanning the corrupted file and you have to wait for the scanning process to complete. Once the scanning will complete you will get the repaired file in the destination location.

  • Does the ZIP Repair software support reparing of RAR files ?

    No, ZIP Repair software can only repair WinZip files.

  • How can I repair my corrupted ZIP file ?

    Please follow the below procedure :

    Open 'Stellar Phoenix ZIP Recovery'.

    Click Open icon on the Toolbar or click Open Zip File option in the File menu and select the ZIP file you need to repair.

    The zip file will be scanned and added to the tree structure.

    Click Repair and Save icon on the Toolbar or click Repair & Save option in the File menu.

    Save window will popup, here you have to specify save option, repaired file option and path for the repaired file and click Save. By default, Save All Files, Uncompressed File and Default Path options will be selected.

    File(s) will be repaired and saved to the default/specified location.

    Kindly open the destination folder and access your recovered ZIP file.

  • I am not able to locate my zip files. How can I find them ?

    Please follow the below procedure :

    Open 'Stellar Phoenix ZIP Recovery'.

    Click on 'Find ZIP File' option in the File menu.

    Now, select the drive, check the Search Subfolders option and click Start Search.

    If you want to search the file from a specific folder, click Browse Folder button to select the folder and click Start Search.

    From the search result, select the file to be repaired and click OK. The file will be added to the tree structure.

    Now you can start the repairing process of your ZIP file by clicking on the Play button