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How to convert 3GP to MP3 file

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  • Updated on December 18, 2020

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Summary: This post shares various methods to convert 3GP to MP3 format for free. Learn about the best tool – Stellar Converter for Audio Video, which lets you quickly convert unlimited 3GP videos to MP3 audio format.

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‘I have a video recording in 3GP format on my Android phone. I downloaded the video to my PC, but it is not playing. It's an important sound file. How can I convert 3GP to MP3 audio file?’

Older 3G, 4G, and 5G smartphones usually recorded videos in 3GP format, which is no more supported by the new devices and media players. If you have 3GP files and want to play only its audio recording or music, it is better to convert the video to MP3 format.

MP3 is a lossy compression audio format supported by all media players and devices. It can be easily transferred across devices and occupies less space in the storage drive.

Here we bring the easy and free ways to convert 3GP videos to MP3 audio file.

Comparison between 3GP and MP3

File extension.3GP.MP3
File typeVideoAudio
Device compatibilityAndroid phone, PC, Mac, etc.PC, Mac, Android, CD Players, iPhone, iPad, MP3 Players, etc.
Media player compatibilityApple QuickTime Player, VLC Media Player, Windows Media PlayerVLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, Audacity, and Adobe Audition.
OS compatibilityAndroid, Windows, and macOSWindows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

How to convert 3GP to MP3 files?

We recommend the best professional 3GP to MP3 converter for Windows and Mac — Stellar Converter for Audio Video. It is fast, easy, and lets you customize unlimited output audio file as per your requirement.

Along with this, learn about the free 3GP to MP3 converter programs that can meet your basic video to audio conversion needs.

Best Method to convert 3GP to MP3 - Stellar Converter for Audio Video

Stellar Converter for Audio Video is a complete 3GP to MP3 converter software with a host of valuable features.

The professional video to audio converter can quickly convert multiple 3GP videos of any size to MP3 audio format. You can also set bitrate, channel, sample rate, metadata, in the output MP3 audio.

Additionally, the software can convert video to video and audio to audio file formats, edit video files, create GIFs, add metadata to audio and video, etc.

Available for Mac and Windows, Stellar 3GP to MP3 Converter is easy-to-use. Simply download the MP3 converter software and follow the below steps.

How to convert 3GP to MP3 with Stellar Converter for Audio Video

  • Run Stellar Converter for Audio Video on PC/ Mac.
  • Click Add File to add 3GP files.
add 3gp video
  • Click on the Output Format button.
select output format option
  • Under Default Presets tab, click Audio.
select MP3 format
  • Select MP3 from Format Type.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Convert to start the conversion process.

Free Methods to Convert 3GP to MP3

  1. Online 3GP to MP3 converter
  2. VLC Media Player
  3. FFmpeg

1. Online 3GP to MP3 Converter

There are several online video to audio converter programs that can free convert 3GP to MP3 file. The online tools are easy-to-use but only recommended if you have a few videos to convert to MP3 as they don’t allow batch conversion of video files.

Some online 3GP to MP3 tools that you may try are Zamzar, Aconvert, Online Convert, FreeFileConvert, and Convertio.

Open any online video converter website in your browser. Add the 3GP video file, select the MP3 format, and click convert in the program. The output MP3 file gets saved on your computer. Some tools also share the converted audio file via email.

2. VLC Media Player to Convert 3GP to MP3

Use VLC Media Player to free convert 3GP video to MP3 audio files. Follow the below steps to convert 3GP to MP3 in VLC Media Player:

  • Open VLC Media Player.
  • In the menu bar, click Media > Convert/Save.
Convert/ Save option in VLC
Figure: Convert/ Save option in VLC
  • In the Open Media window, click Add to insert 3GP files.
  • Click Convert/Save.
  • Across Profile, select MP3 format.
  • In the Convert box, browse to choose save location and name of the new MP3 file.
 Profile MP3 option in VLC
Figure: Profile MP3 option in VLC
  • Click Start to convert 3GP to MP3 file.

3. Use FFmpeg to convert 3GP video to MP3 audio

FFmpeg is a cross-platform that converts video files to MP3 audio file for free using command-lines such as below,

ffmpeg -i original_video.3GP -ab 56 -ar 3300 -b 100 -r 14 -s 320x240 -f mp3 final_audio.mp3

You can download FFmpeg on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms to convert 3GP to MP3 format.

If you are new to FFmpeg, take help from the guide on how to use this program.


For occasional conversion of a few 3GP videos to MP3, prefer online video to audio converter. VLC Player and FFmpeg are also the open-source tools for video to MP3 conversion but not that easy-to-use.

Here we recommend, Stellar Converter for Audio Video, a professional software. It is not just a fast and uncomplicated tool but also has many other user-friendly features. You can quickly convert any number of 3GP videos to MP3 without any file size limitation. Plus, get the benefits such as convert between various video and audio files formats, video editing, GIF creation, merge video files, replace audio track in video, and more.

Take the free trial available for both Windows and Mac.

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