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Free try Mac Data Recovery to Restore Deleted Partitions

Author: Santosh Kumar Gupta | Updated on June 23, 2021 | Data Recovery | Mac Data Recovery | 2 min read

Summary: Mac hard drive partitioning is advantageous though not entirely risk-free. There are certain threats such as increased drive fragmentation, degraded system performance, wastage of unallocated storage space, etc. Additionally, the biggest danger is of possible data loss resulting from improper partition creation or accidental deletion oft he partition. Not only that, many times, logical damage to the partition table or Master Boot Record can cause entire partitions or volumes to disappear.

Did you try Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac on your hard drive? Note: this software is available for free-to-try.

If you find yourself caught in a partition loss scenario on macOS Big Sur or below versions, the first thing you ought to do is stop using your Mac further. Missing/Lost partitions and their data can be recovered completely if you take quick action because even after deletion, data resides on the Mac hard drive until it is overwritten by new data. Therefore, ensure that nothing is being written on the affected Mac storage drive; next, employ a trustworthy Mac hard drive recovery software, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac to regain all missing partitions with accuracy. Watch the below video to see the software in action.

Note: this software is available for free-to-try.

Software Method to Recover Deleted Mac Partition(s)

Step 1. Launch Stellar Data Recovery software on Mac

Step 2. Customize the scan and select Can't find Volume feature

Step 3. Scan your hard disk drive at the hardware level and wait for the scan completion. The software finds every possible ‚Lost Volume' or ‚Deleted Partition'.

Step 4. Identify the volume/partition from the interface. You can use the size and the volume filesystem parameters for identification. Select the Lost Volume and press Deep Scan < Scan.

Step 5. The software scan the data from the Lost Volume and after the scan completion it lists all the recoverable files for preview. Here, you can launch preview of recoverable videos, documents, photos and audio files.

Step 6. Select all the data you wish to restore and save it to your desired storage drive.

Note: Stellar Data Recovery software needs to be activated to save the recovered data.

Mac Data Recovery Software Advantages

Following benefits comes up with the Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac application:

  1. Restores data from empty trash
  2. Recovers data from formatted Mac hard drive
  3. Performs RAW recovery on USB based storage drives
  4. Supports Time Machine backup drive recovery
  5. Works on macOS Big Sur 11 till OS X 10.11.


Hopefully, the article will resolve queries of Mac partition recovery now. Don't forget to avail the trial version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac software. There exists a couple of more Editions of the Mac partition recovery application. Check and compare Stellar Data Recovery Tools for Mac.
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