How to Recover Files from Formatted Mac Hard Drive

Updated on February 11, 2020

Intentionally or accidentally, hard drive formatting with Disk Utility on macOS causes data loss of the stored files. Instantly, the contained videos, documents, photos, audio files are removed forever. The data loss on a formatted Mac hard drive can be incalculable. But, you can perform formatted Mac hard drive recovery with ease by using a Mac data recovery utility. Read on to recover files lost from Mac hard drive due to Disk Utility’s erase operation all by yourself.

Whether you want to recover data from APFS, HFS+, HFS, HFS Wrapper, FAT, ex-FAT, or NTFS file systems, you can leverage trustworthy Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac software. It supports data recovery from External Hard Drive, Start-up Drive, Solid State Drive, Compact Flash, SD Card, Fusion Drive, and Time Machine for formatted data recovery.

Watch the Software Tutorial Video and Recover Accidentally Formatted Mac Hard Drive's Data:

Software Steps to Recover Formatted Drive on Mac

Step i) Download and install the *trial version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac.

This version allows you to scan and preview all the recoverable files so as to assess the effectiveness of the Mac un-format tool.

Step ii) Launch the software, then select the desired file type from the “Select What To Recover” screen. Click Next.

mac formatted hard drive recovery

Step iii) Select the formatted hard drive or partition from the “Select Location” screen. Also, toggle on Deep Scan recovery option from the interface, then click Scan. [The deep scan is specially intended to recover files from formatted hard drive or volume on Mac.] Click OK when the scan is complete.

Scan your formatted drive

Step iv) Click on a view mode—Classic List, File List, or Deleted List. Preview the files and folders for integrity. Then, select all the preferred files and folders.

Recover Mac-formatted drive's data

Step v) Click Recover. Click Browse to specify the save location and click Save. This will start saving the recoverable files to the specified location.

Recover data

This completes the Mac-formatted hard drive or volume data recovery process. View the recovered files from the storage location.

*Trial software needs activation in the recovery stage to save your recoverable files and unlock all its advanced features including Drive Monitor.

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