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How to Repair MP4 Header Corruption?

Summary: MP4 files become inaccessible sometimes due to corrupt file headers. Learn efficient ways to repair MP4 header without affecting the original video data. Also, know how Stellar Repair for Video fixes MP4 file header in no time.

Is your MP4 file unreadable and not opening in any media player? It can be due to a corrupt file header. The file header holds crucial information about the video, such as format, size, resolution, video settings, etc. This information is used by the media player, video editor, or other software to load the video. But when the header gets damaged or corrupt due to various reasons, the MP4 files won’t open in any software or play distorted.

Common signs that indicate MP4 file header is corrupt are:

• Video file becomes unreadable and fails to open

• You receive corrupt header error message

• The MP4 file won’t play in any media player

• Video freezes or shows black screen

• Missing or distorted sound

Why your MP4 file header gets corrupt?

MP4 file header can get damaged due to various reasons such as virus infection, bad sectors in storage drive, OS crash, and so on. Below are some of the common causes that can result in header corruption of your MP4 file:

• Power cut, system shutdown, or OS crash while MP4 video is playing

• Improper MP4 file transfer from removable media to the computer and vice versa

• Sudden system shutdown while editing MP4 video

• Bad sectors in the MP4 storage drive developed due to overuse or improper usage

• Virus infection

• Using unreliable MP4 conversion tool or video editing applications

How to fix corrupt MP4 files

You can fix the corrupt header in MP4 files with the help of a video repair software. We recommend using a professional tool like Stellar Repair for Video that is secure and can easily fix video problems without affecting the original video data.

1. Get professional Stellar Repair for Video (Recommended)

2. Use VLC Media Player

3. Hex editor program

Method 1: Repair MP4 header using a Video Repair Software

Stellar Repair for Video is the best tool to fix MP4 header. The software has advanced algorithms that can automatically repair file header corruption. Even a novice can quickly repair MP4 file header by using Stellar Repair for Video.

Additionally, the software can fix corruption in video frames, sliders, sound sections, and video playback. You can easily repair choppy, jerky, out-of-sync, unreadable, or broken MP4 video files in just 3 simple steps.

Key benefits of Stellar MP4 file repair:

• Quickly repairs an unlimited number of photos in one go
• Advance Repair option for complex corruption issues using ‘sample video file,’ shot with the same device
• Preview repaired videos
• Can repair 17+ video file formats

Steps to repair corrupt MP4 file header:

• Download & launch Stellar Repair for Video on PC or Mac.
• Click Add file to upload corrupt MP4 files.

• Click Repair

Preview and click Save Repaired Files. Save the repaired MP4 files at the desired location.

Method 2: Repair MP4 file header with VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player can fix the video file index. Try it to repair MP4 video file header. Since VLC Player has an AVI fix feature, you need to first rename the MP4 file extension to AVI.

Steps to fix MP4 file header in VLC Media Player:

• Open the renamed .AVI file in the VLC Player.

• Click Tools > Preferences > Input or Codecs.

 Figure: Tools option in VLC

• Across Damaged or incomplete AVI Files, select Always Fix.

Figure: Preferences window in VLC

• Click Save.

Now, check if your MP4 video is playing or not.

Method 3: Hex Editor Program

Figure: HexEd displays MP4 movie file in binary digits

Use Hex editor tools that can repair corrupt or damaged video file header. The program lets you view and edit the binary information in a video file.

As Hex editor programs use fundamental binary data to fix the MP4 file header, you should have good knowledge about hexadecimal codes. HxD, HexEd, Hex Fiend, OxED, etc., are some common Hex Editors that you can easily find online and download on your computer.


Try VLC Media Player and Hex Editor to fix the video file header. However, if you are looking for the easiest and most reliable way to repair MP4 file header corruption, get Stellar Repair for Video. Unlike Hex Editor or VLC Player, a beginner with no technical knowledge can easily use this DIY software. The software recovers unreadable or damaged MP4 videos and makes them perfectly playable.

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