How to Quickly Restore Lost Files on a Mac?

Updated on May 6, 2020

Summary: Lost your files stored on your Mac hard drive lately? Concerned, as the files are gone forever and cannot be recovered to satiate the urgent need? Forget your worry, as this blog presents the best methodology through which you restore lost files quickly.


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Today in the office, as usual, you’ve been working on your MacBook Air. You wanted to organize your files & folders, so you moved, deleted, and renamed certain files in different folders. Additionally, you have emptied your trash to clean up things. An hour later, you searched for presentation files on your Mac, which you are going to demonstrate post lunch. But, to your surprise, the files were missing.

You are desperate as you have no backup for the same and the only place that you have kept the file is your Mac’s drive. Now, you have no idea how you will conduct the meeting; you ought to restore your files quickly. You searched for ways from the Google and ended up in this place. By reading the title, you’re little calmed that you are not the only one who’s facing the problem, and there are means through which you can restore your lost files

So, what are the means by which you can get hold of your lost files? Before you know what can be done, first just get a feel for what you have done to the files that you want to recover. The files that you had deleted was mapped to trash, which could have been a source of recovery; but, you, unfortunately, emptied your trash. And, there are no means provided in the operating system through which you can get back your files.

Professionals can tell you, even though it is not feasible to get back your files through ordinary means, but there is a special method through which the recovery can be performed.

The files that you have emptied from the trash has been updated in the inode, and the files are made inaccessible. These files are really located in the blocks of your hard drive without any change. The reason being, operating system developers in order to maximize the speed and performance of computer do not permanently delete the associated blocks of the hard drive by converting it to the same polarity of magnetization (representing either all 1s or 0s). This leaves a chance for recovery of data. 

One of the most used and universally trusted data recovery software solution for Mac is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac. You can restore lost data quickly through this software. All you need is to understand the usage of the software interface, and what it can do to recover the lost files.

The quick scan will find your data with bare minimum time. If the data is not searched during the quick scan process, the software can be switched to deep scan. The deep scan process can take some time as per the size of the volume. Once the volume is scanned you’ll find your data, which can then be recovered.

To convey in a nutshell

You have now known how to restore lost files quickly on a Mac using a reliable, user-friendly and efficient data recovery software solution for Mac which is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac. All kinds of logical failure to a volume is easily handled by the software. In case you need support for physical failure to your Mac hard drive, you need to contact a specialized data recovery service provider, which has the infrastructure, tools, and expertise to recover data for such cases.