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Top 10 Free SD Card Recovery Software 2021

  Nishat Paiker   May 07, 2021   Data Recovery     Card Recovery

Memory cards or SD cards are one of the most used portable external storage media used in digital cameras, Android mobile phones, CCTV, drones, and other devices. However, regardless of the type and capacity, sometimes due to accidental deletion, tec...

How to Fix SD Card Won't Read /SD Card Cannot Read error

  Nishat Paiker   May 27, 2020   Data Recovery     Card Recovery

This post shares 11 methods to fix 'SD card won't read' error or 'card not getting detected on Windows, Mac, and phone' issue. It also shares the best SD card recovery software to restore photos and videos lost due to such errors. Are you fac...

How to Recover Deleted Files from an SD Card on Mac

  Nishat Paiker   April 20, 2020   Data Recovery     Card Recovery

Want to recover SD card on Mac? Deleted videos or photos from an SD card are not lost forever. Recover photos and video files from SD card with the help of a professional SD card recovery software - Stellar Photo Recovery Mac. The software recove...

SD Card Recovery Software to Recover Photos, Videos & Audio Files

  Sumona Chatterjee   January 23, 2019   Data Recovery     Card Recovery

SD cards have gained immense popularity as the preferred media for storing photos, videos, and audio recordings in digital cameras, tablets, smartphones, drones, security cameras, etc. Compact, high-capacity SD cards with faster read/write speed are...

Memory Card Recovery Software to Recover Photos and Videos

  Nishat Paiker   January 02, 2020   Data Recovery     Card Recovery

Memory cards come in varied types and are highly useful portable electronic data storage devices. Attuned to portable electronic devices such as GoPro cameras, smartphones, tablets, laptops, Nintendo switch and drones, you can use them in all these d...

Fix Corrupt SD Cards and Recover Data

  Nishat Paiker   June 28, 2020   Data Recovery     Card Recovery

The small SD card is the most convenient and inexpensive storage media that provides suitable storage capacities for DSLRs, camcorders, music players, Android phones, tablets, digital cameras, and other portable devices. However, SD card...

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