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How to recover deleted photos after deleting from ‘Recently Deleted’ on iPhone

  Nishat Paiker   March 03, 2022   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

‘I deleted some important pictures on iPhone and also deleted them from the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. Is there any possible way to recover photos after permanently deleting from iPhone?’ When you delete photos from iPhone, they first go to the ‘Rec...

Top 10 Best iPhone Recovery Software [2022]

  Sumona Chatterjee   February 21, 2022   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

Your iPhone stores loads of valuable data including photos and videos. However, data loss can happen anytime, even with highly secure Apple devices. Choosing the best data recovery software for iPhone from the plethora of tools available can be an ar...

How to Recover Data from Broken/Dead iPad

  Nishat Paiker   December 15, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

‘My daughter dropped my iPad mini and broke its screen. Its display works but touch is disabled. I desperately want somehow to get my data off the broken iPad. Please help!’ Things can go wrong anytime with devices. iPad accidentally falls from a...

How to Fix or Repair iOS system issues

  Nishat Paiker   December 13, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

If your iPhone displays Black Screen of Death, frozen iPhone, White Screen of Death, iPhone stuck at Apple logo, errors, or other issues, there’s a high chance its iOS has corrupted. The iPhone software glitches can make your ever-spontaneous iPhone...

Top 10 iPad Data Recovery Software 2022 that you can Trust

  Nishat Paiker   December 03, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

Apple has sold whopping over 71 million iPad during the pandemic year 2020, as per the Business of App report. With this ever-growing user base, there’s also the increase in the complaints of data loss from the iOS tablet. Users usually face data los...

Solved: Photos Disappeared from iPhone Suddenly.

  Nishat Paiker   November 16, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

‘I noticed that over 500 old photos from iPhone 11 have disappeared and now only the recently shot pictures are showing! I lost almost all of my best memories saved in my phone. I am sure I did not delete them. Where did the pictures disappeared from...

Best Methods to Back Up iPhone Contacts

  Nishat Paiker   October 28, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

Table of content: How to back up contacts to iCloud How to back up iPhone contacts to iTunes How to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail using iCloud Back up iPhone contacts to Gmail without iCloud Backup iPhone contacts to Google Drive FAQ The b...

How to downgrade iOS to previous version?

  Nishat Paiker   September 03, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

Apple users are usually tempted to upgrade to the latest iOS version as soon it is released. But not every upgrade is a seamless experience. After the iOS 14 upgrade, numerous complaints poured in, ranging from apps not working, battery issues, non-f...

How to back up my iPhone

  Nishat Paiker   March 05, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

Your iPhone is a storehouse of important contacts, messages, precious photos, memorable videos, and other crucial data. And you want to keep this data forever. But someone rightly said, ‘There are two kinds of computing devices, those that have faile...

How to fix iPhone restore and update errors

  Nishat Paiker   October 01, 2016   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

This article shares the methods to fix various errors faced during iPhone restore or update. You can apply the troubleshooting tips on any iOS version and iPhone model including iPhone X/XR/XS. iTunes error 3194, iPhone error 4013, iTunes er...

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