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DIY Video Repair Guide to Fix Corrupted Video Files

  Nishat Paiker   October 20, 2020   File Repair     Repair Video Files

Videos are indispensable part of our lives — from home, office, school to college projects, they are used everywhere. But the more videos you create, the more video-related issues may surface. Here, we will guide you how to fix the video problems tha...

How to Repair MP4 Header Corruption?

  Nishat Paiker   August 17, 2020   File Repair     Repair Video Files

Is your MP4 file unreadable and not opening in any media player? It can be due to a corrupt file header. The file header holds crucial information about the video, such as format, size, resolution, video settings, etc. This information is used by the...

How to Play AVI Files on Mac

  Nishat Paiker   July 30, 2020   File Repair     Repair Video Files

You cannot play AVI video files on Mac as the default QuickTime player doesn’t support the video format. In this post, we have shared 5 ways to open AVI videos on Mac. The AVI or Audio Video Interleave by Mic...

10 Best Video Repair Software in 2020

  Nishat Paiker   March 23, 2020   File Repair     Repair Video Files

Losing important family, travel, official, or other videos due to corruption can put you in a mess. In such cases, an efficient video repair software is the only rescue. However, choosing the right video repair software is not easy as there is a vas...

Methods to Fix Bad Quality Videos

  Nishat Paiker   July 01, 2019   File Repair     Repair Video Files

Videos may turn blurry, shaky, grainy, speckled, jerky, out-of-sync, or face other such visual issues. You would want to fix such bad quality videos and make them crisp, sharp and clear. But how to improve low quality videos? There are several...

How to repair corrupt MPEG files

  Nishat Paiker   July 15, 2019   File Repair     Repair Video Files

This article shares the most secure and fast way to repair corrupt MPEG videos from any storage media. MPEG is a video format by Moving Picture Experts Group. Several brands of DSLRs and camcorders shoot in MPEG format. The file format is commonl...

How to repair corrupt AVI files

  Nishat Paiker   November 12, 2019   File Repair     Repair Video Files

This article shares in detail how you can repair corrupt and broken AVI video files from any storage media using secure Stellar Repair for Video. It also explains how VLC Media Player can fix AVI file index corruption issues that lead to video lag or...

How to repair corrupt AVCHD files

  Nishat Paiker   July 24, 2019   File Repair     Repair Video Files

This article shares the most secure way to repair corrupt AVCHD videos shot with any DSLR or camcorder. AVCHD is a video file format used in camcorders. These are generally high-quality HD videos shot with Sony, Panasonic or Canon cameras. AVCHD...

Mistakes That Corrupt HD MP4 Videos

  Saloni Bhatnagar   October 01, 2016   File Repair     Repair Video Files

MP4 video format stands for MPEG-4 Part 14 file format. It is a digital media container format used commonly to store audio and video data. However, you can also store data such as video subtitles and still images with it. The format supports streami...

HD Video Repair Utility to Safely Perform HD Video Recovery

  Mansi Verma   November 05, 2019   File Repair     Repair Video Files

This blog highlights how users can perform a quick and safe HD video file repair using the safe and reliable Video Repair utility. Gone are the days when recording high-definition videos needed professional equipment, cameras, and exp...

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