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How To Fix Mac Black Screen of Death? [Complete DIY Guide]

  Ashutosh Kumar   May 09, 2022   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Mac machines are counted among the sturdiest systems available around the globe. However, being a machine, it does develop issues at times. One fine day you try to turn on your Mac and work on an important project, but instead of getting started nor...

How to Fix a MacBook that Won't Charge? [Complete DIY Guide]

  Ashutosh Kumar   May 02, 2022   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

The best part of using a MacBook or MacBook Pro is its easy portability. A fully charged MacBook can run without a live power supply for almost 8-9 hours. There might be claims for longer power backup, but that's possible only with effective power-s...

How to Transfer Files From Broken Mac to New Mac?

  Ashutosh Kumar   February 10, 2022   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Mac systems are indeed one of the most reliable devices around the world. However, even the best electronic devices might get into trouble or be broken due to unforeseen circumstances. As breaking or failure of a Mac system is a sudden event and no...

How to Prevent Excessive SSD Wear and Extend SSD's Lifespan?

  Ashutosh Kumar   January 24, 2022   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

With the introduction of the M1 Max chip that according to Apple is the world’s most powerful chip for a Pro Notebook, users are thrilled with expectation of enhanced performance. Although, it yet remains to be practically proven. Similar enthusi...

7 Solutions to Fix Toshiba External Hard Drive not Showing Up on Mac

  Ashutosh Kumar   January 13, 2022   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Several users have posted on different forums about a situation where their Toshiba external drive is either not recognized or not showing up on Mac. There are several reasons that may lead to this issue. In this article, we will understand the pr...

How to Boot Mac into Disk Utility?

  Ashutosh Kumar   January 06, 2022   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Disk Utility is an inbuilt app of macOS that not only helps you manage different aspects of Mac but also assists in fixing most of the errors that commonly occur on the internal and external drives. Uses of Disk Utility on Mac Let’s see the...

Mac won’t Boot? 5 Best Software to Recover Data

  Ashutosh Kumar   January 03, 2022   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Mac machines are one of the sturdiest and reliable computer systems available today. They rarely encounter any serious issue. However, there are situations when your Mac won’t boot. If you haven’t created a backup of your Mac data, you can recover i...

Time Machine is not working in macOS Monterey

  Ashutosh Kumar   December 29, 2021   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

“Immediately after upgrading from Big Sur to Monterey on my M1 MacBook Air, most of my Time Machine backups stopped working. Any assistance to resolve the issue would be appreciated.” Source: Apple Communities Several users have reported that while...

MacBook Overheating After macOS Monterey Update? Here’s the Fix!

  Ashutosh Kumar   December 06, 2021   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Table of Content Reasons for Overheating after macOS 12 Monterey Update Ways to Resolve the Mac Overheating Issue Restart your Mac Manage Files and Other Items on Mac Check if your Charger or Power Cord is damaged Run the Hardware Test on Mac...

How to Show Hidden Files on Mac Storage Drive?

  Ashutosh Kumar   November 24, 2021   Data Recovery     Mac Data Recovery

Mac system keeps some of the important system folders hidden. This is because the system uses these folders to store critical information. If these folders are accidentally or intentionally deleted, this may result in Mac system crash. Similarly, to...

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