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Windows 11 Announced: How to install it Without Data Loss?

  Mansi Verma   September 16, 2021   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Every new Windows operating system builds up excitement as it brings new and better features. This time too, it is a no different affair. As per the claims made by Microsoft, the Windows 11 is the most inclusively designed version ever. As a result,...

Best Tips to Prevent Data Loss & Avoid Costly Data Recovery

  Mansi Verma   August 18, 2021   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

We all create and store a good amount of data on our PCs/laptops every day. To keep our data safe and backed up, we must use single or multiple external storage devices, such as HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, SD cards, etc. The ease these devices provide wh...

Best Method to Recover Lost Encrypted Files

  Mansi Verma   August 16, 2021   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Many of you tend to add an extra level of protection to your important data by encrypting it. Whether you use an external tool to encrypt your files or use the Windows BitLocker utility, the agenda is to safeguard your data from unauthorized access....

Buggy Windows 11? Roll Back from Windows 11 to Windows 10

  Mansi Verma   August 06, 2021   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

For the past six years, Windows 10 had been catering to its users with great features and functionalities. And, on 24 June, 2021, the news about Windows 11 launch started buzzing around the internet. It didn’t take more than a day to capture the user...

Fix Windows 11 BSOD Error: Step-by-Step Tutorial

  Mansi Verma   August 06, 2021   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Several Windows users have installed the Insider build version of Windows 11 on their PCs. And, now they’re facing different issues, including app crashing, buggy system operations, and BSOD (Black Screen of Death), etc. This article includes the bes...

How to Get Stellar Data Recovery Software Activation Key?

  Mansi Verma   August 04, 2021   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Data loss is a common issue, which may occur at any moment due to any reason. However, a reliable data recovery tool such as Stellar Data Recovery software can help you efficiently restore all the lost or deleted files and folders. So whether you've...

Best Ways to Protect Data on USB Drives

  Mansi Verma   August 04, 2021   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

How many of you can say that you’ve never lost a USB drive? Happens to the best of us! The USB flash drives are compact and portable, but they also bear the risk of getting misplaced, damaged, or falling into the wrong hands. And, if you do find your...

Backup Your Windows 10 PC: Why & How to do it?

  Mansi Verma   July 30, 2021   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

It’s recommended everywhere to take a backup of your Windows PC. But do you really do it? If yes, how frequently do you do it? Taking Windows backup is not a tedious task. It’s a piece of cake if you know how to do it right. This can help you protec...

How to Use System Restore on Windows 10

  Mansi Verma   July 27, 2021   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Sometimes, when you install an update, some app/software, device driver, or modify the system settings improperly in Registry, you may find the system malfunctioning or showing you different errors. System Restore helps you roll back the system to a...

How to Install Windows 10 from USB

  Mansi Verma   May 18, 2021   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Whether you want to install a clean copy of Windows 10 on a new PC or need to reinstall Windows 10 to repair system errors, you would need a bootable USB installation drive. Windows 10 provides a facility to create bootable installation media using a...

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