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How to Migrate From SBS 2011 to Microsoft 365

  Ravi Singh   October 13, 2021   File Conversion     Convert Databases

Although Small Business Server or SBS 2011 is essentially an Exchange Server 2010 installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system, migrating SBS 2011 is completely different and a bit complex than migrating Exchange 2010 to Microsoft 365....

How to Migrate MySQL Database to SQL Anywhere

  Charanjeet Kaur   March 04, 2020   File Conversion     Convert Databases

Introduction Migrating MySQL (source) database to SQL Anywhere (target) database involves several stages. This article demonstrates the process of transitioning schema and data from the MySQL sample database ‘sakila’ to SQL Anywhere database. To mig...

Easy Steps to Convert MySQL to MS SQL

  Charanjeet Kaur   February 11, 2020   File Conversion     Convert Databases

This article outlines the major reasons why organizations might want to convert MySQL database to Microsoft (MS) SQL database. The article further discusses about things you should keep in mind before attempting the conversion and the procedure inv...

How to Migrate Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL Database

  Charanjeet Kaur   January 30, 2020   File Conversion     Convert Databases

As we know, Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL) and MySQL are the most commonly used Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs). But while MS SQL is a proprietary RDBMS from Microsoft, MySQL is a free and open-source RDBMS backed by Oracle....

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