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What is the Outlook Cached Mode Sync Slider?

  Ravi Singh   May 19, 2022   File Conversion     Convert OST Files

Cached Exchange Mode was introduced with the release of Outlook 2007. However, it was only after Outlook 2013 that Sync Slider was introduced for Cached Exchange Mode. Sync Slider allows users to change or adjust how much data to download from the ma...

How to Fix Error Outlook 365 Keeps Crashing?

  Ravi Singh   April 21, 2022   File Conversion     Convert OST Files

Although Outlook for Office 365 is a robust email messaging and calendaring client, it may freeze, stop responding, or crash due to several software or hardware-related issues. To fix the issue, you need to find out what’s causing Outlook to crash wh...

How to Fix - "Outlook 365 Stuck at Updating Inbox and Outbox"?

  Ravi Singh   March 14, 2022   File Conversion     Convert OST Files

Outlook 365 works on two-way synchronization. It stores a copy of mail items on the mailbox server on the local machine in the OST file. The changes made in Outlook are stored in the OST file and synchronized frequently with the mailbox server and vi...

How to Fix Sent Items Missing from Exchange Outlook and OWA?

  Ravi Singh   February 22, 2022   File Conversion     Convert OST Files

When an email is sent in Outlook, the message is moved to the Outbox folder for delivery. After the message is sent successfully, the email is transferred to the Sent Items folder in your Exchange Outlook or OWA account. You can v...

How to Fix the Error "Outlook Stuck in Offline Mode"?

  Ravi Singh   August 11, 2021   File Conversion     Convert OST Files

What is Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook?

  Ravi Singh   July 09, 2021   File Conversion     Convert OST Files

Microsoft Outlook can connect with Exchange server in two different modes, i.e., Offline Mode and Online Mode. When an Exchange account is configured in Outlook, it connects to the Exchange server in Offline mode with Cached Exchange Mode enabled by...

OST vs PST - What’s the Difference?

  Ravi Singh   April 20, 2021   File Conversion     Convert OST Files

Offline Storage Table (OST) and Personal Storage Table (PST) are Outlook data files that store a synchronized local or offline copy of mailbox items, such as emails, attachments, contacts, notes, etc. The Outlook data file is created when a user ad...

How to Disable OST File in Outlook?

  Abhinav Sethi   January 06, 2021   File Conversion     Convert OST Files

OST is an Outlook data file that stores mailbox data offline. It allows you to access your mailbox even when there is no Internet connectivity. This file is typically created when you configure Outlook with MAPI and IMAP accounts.Sometimes, situation...

How Do I Recover Email from OST File in Outlook

  Charanjeet Kaur   September 21, 2020   File Conversion     Convert OST Files

When connected to an Exchange Server with ‘Cached Exchange Mode’ enabled (or an Office 365/IMAP account), Outlook stores a synchronized copy of all the server mailbox items in an Offline Storage Table (OST) file. Situations may crop-up when you need...

Where is OST Located? How do I Find the Location of the OST File?

  Ravi Singh   July 24, 2020   File Conversion     Convert OST Files

When Outlook is configured with an Exchange, Office 365,, or IMAP email account, it creates an Offline Storage Table or OST file at the default location. Outlook uses the OST file to store a synchronized copy of mailbox data, such as emai...

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