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How to delete apps on iPhone permanently

  Nishat Paiker   January 04, 2022   Data Erasure     iPhone Eraser

Often we end up installing apps on iPhone that we rarely use later or don’t open at all. These apps unnecessary occupy significant storage on your iOS device. Hence, during the cleaning spree of the iOS  device you may want to delete unused apps...

Guide to Completely Erase Data on iPhone to Avoid Privacy Leak

  Nishat Paiker   December 29, 2021   Data Erasure     iPhone Eraser

With growing instances of data leak and misuse, there’s a fear of digital data on iPhone landing in wrong hands. Personal photos, messages, videos, contacts, or sensitive information such as bank details, shopping apps ID etc., are at risk when selli...

How to Delete All Photos from iPhone

  Nishat Paiker   December 28, 2021   Data Erasure     iPhone Eraser

iOS devices are no exception when you have to delete files to manage storage space. As of now iPhone has a designated capacity between 16 GB to 512 GB while iPad sticks at 16 GB to 1TB storage. Of this storage, photos and videos on the device o...

10 Best iPhone Data Eraser Software - 2022

  Nishat Paiker   September 17, 2020   Data Erasure     iPhone Eraser

Your iPhone is a warehouse of personal information such as messages, photos, videos, chat history, passwords, bank log-in details, and much more. It's important to erase this data before selling, exchanging, recycling, or donating your iOS device. Bu...

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